“We have tried to reopen Corrugados, but they haven’t let us”



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The Azpeitia City Council says that the other agents have not wanted to analyze the Trukutxo option, and that the expectation of “fictitious jobs” has not been created by the council.


Nagore Aranburu

We have tried to work to start the steel industry in Azpeitia, but they have not let us. The Basque Government, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and the Cristian Lay company have refused to study the possibility of starting the plant in Trukutxo. “This was stated today by the Mayor of Azpeitia, Nagore Alkorta, in an appearance at the City Hall to explain the details of Corrugados Azpeitia, in which the councilor for Urbanism, Josu Labaka, and the councilor for the Environment, Aitor Bereziartua, were also present.

The mayor has repeated that “the company does not have any project“and he has denounced that the possibility of starting up the plant in an area where environmental and legal requirements are not met” has been “trumpeted to the rooftops”. “Now they tell us about the lost opportunity of hundreds of jobs fictitious work created without any economic project, also holding the Azpeitia City Council responsible for the false expectations generated “, he added.

According to Alkorta, the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa knew “for a long time” that Corrugados Azpeitia would not open, “when they know, just as they have privately admitted, that there is no official document for the reopening of Corrugados; there is no economic plan, no business plan, no technical study, and no environmental impact study. ”

In line with the above, have urged the aforementioned institutions, a that presentthe real economic project that sustains the creation of all these jobs and that of the requirements of environmental conditions“.

He has remarked that the City Council is defending “the interests of all Azpeitiarras”, above party interests: “Since they have placed us in the center of the media spiral we have always told the truth” and added that “the only official procedure “that has been underway around Corrugados has been related to the dismantling of the facilities. “That, the Basque Government also knows. It knows, among other things, because it reported in November 2020 what the environmental authorizations should be in that file.”

The City Council has confirmed that with the minutes sent by the owner of the company’s machines, Metales Vela SL, in hand, “the dismantling work on the machinery in the areas of Amue and Marcial Ucin has begun.”

The objective is to recover the area

Alkorta has indicated that, with the dismantling of Corrugados, Azpeitia “enters a new phase” and faces “a process of recovery of the lands that have remained at zero for almost 10 years.” He stressed that it is time to look to the future “with hope.” In fact, the area that will be important for the development of Azpeitia in the center of the town will be recovered. For this, “the industrial rehabilitation of the Marcial Ucin area should be promoted and, in compliance with environmental authorizations, the process of definitive sealing of the Corrugados del Monte Arauntza landfill will begin.” The mayor has indicated that the City Council will continue “working on the possibility that Azpeitia has reserved the steel activation in Trukutxo”. Because, according to Alkorta, “Azpeitia has never turned its back on the industry. There is an area for the start-up of the steel industry in the region, in Gipuzkoa and in Azpeitia.”

He stressed that Azpeitia is “an active, entrepreneurial and hard-working people” and has said that, although “they have tried to make it seem otherwise,” it is a people that “looks to the future with optimism and responsibility.” He has asked “respect” for the people of Azpeitia and institutional respect for the Azpeitia City Council: “we Azpeitiarras do not deserve all this damage that is being done to our people.”

EH Bildu asks that they take out the document

The spokesperson for EH Bildu in the Basque Parliament Unai Urruzuno has denounced the smear campaign by the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, a campaign that has as “the sole objective of wearing down the political positions of EH Bildu”, for which, it says, “they have no qualms about undertaking a hunt against the mayor Nagore Alkorta of that locality “.

According to Urruzuno, “today we have heard counselor Arantxa Tapia deliberately lying,” so the party has urged “that she present once and for all that proposal that according to her exists for a request to reopen the plant in Azpeitia.” Urruzuno affirms that “there is no proposal in that sense, at least not in the hands of the Azpeitia City Council, and if she has it, let her present it.”

He has warned that “not everything goes in politics” and has denounced “the irresponsible and caciquile attitudes that the Basque Government is showing on this issue.”


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