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The Sanhedrin analyzed together with Yago de Vega all the sports news this week. Manuel Jabois and Ramón Besa were the luxury guests and discussed topics such as Bale and Pedri’s new injury, Xavi’s first game on the FC Barcelona bench and the renewal of Luis Enrique.

A new injury to Gareth Bale

Gareth Bale has starred in another of the news of the week. The player went with his team in this past national team break and again had a relapse in the soleus. His situation is analyzed by the members of The Sanhedrin:

Ramón Besa: “He is a golf player who plays soccer in his spare time. He is an à la carte player because in decisive games he has appeared. They are one of those cases that no matter how many laps you give, there is no solution. Sometimes that Madrid can miss Bale, but right now Gareth Bale is no longer expected on the squad list. “

Manuel Jabois: “We already had this expectation that he would play three games with Coentrao and he was charging considerably less. He is the opposite of Pedri. He is a guy with extraordinary conditions, but many weeks I forget that he is at Real Madrid.”

Xavi’s debut against Espanyol

Ramón Besa: “Barça has managed to have an illusion machine. This state of optimism that Laporta signed up to, Xavi Hernández has joined. I don’t see another coach capable of catching Barça at the moment other than Xavi. Yes get through the Benfica tie would be the shuttle for years to come “.

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Manuel Jabois: “He has the most valuable thing a coach can have, which is time. He earned that time on the field as a player, but except for great damage he will not be doubted. The Xavi effect can create some inertia. get a good result against Espanyol, things will probably start to work. It is very important to always start well. ”

Pedri, one more month off

The FC Barcelona player has suffered an injury again. Pedri has only played 4 games this season, as opposed to what happened last season. The canary stepped onto the pitch in the 20/21 season on more than 70 occasions.

Ramón Besa: “The problem is who regulates it. I understand that it is relevant for a footballer to play the Olympic Games. In Barcelona I remember Guardiola regretting not having won the gold. The key is how he gets into Barça.”

Manuel Jabois: “There is another detail and it is the head. That burden is also mental and usually has an impact on the physical.”

El caso de Peng Shuai

Peng Shuai, a Chinese tennis player who became number one in the world, has disappeared. Everything has come after the former athlete denounced a former minister of the Chinese regime of a rape. The news of his disappearance has gone around the world and thousands of celebrities call for retaliation.

Ramón Besa: “Maybe what has to happen in Qatar is that a soccer player disappears instead of the workers dying so that the organizations realize that. Imagine that this happened in Spain. That we have it far away it does not mean that he is not a human being. ”

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Manuel Jabois: “That these things are given importance is the good thing that is happening to sports. Journalism finds a window to express that there are things that cannot be ignored. It is a scandal.”

The renewal of Luis Enrique

Ramón Besa: “He came out today in some ‘fake new’ that Manchester United could be interested in him. For me, he is the coach who can best direct Spain. I don’t know what more could be asked of him. Let’s ask Portugal and Italy how It suits him. I think Spain is young and daring and plays football well “

Manuel Jabois: “For the generation that he has been gathering, it is a long-term project. Leading the Spanish team is not a popularity contest. What people want is for them to play well and achieve results. Luis Enrique is the backbone of this selection”.


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