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It’s nearly festival season and we need all the best products to freshen up. The Reviews Club has realized that most of us revert to using the most popular range of dry shampoos, like Batiste, but the beauty world now has various different brands on the market, so we put them to the test.

After scouring the internet for the best, we came across some pretty varied price ranges, so we’ve done the hard work for you and tested them out to find out which one is the best.

As anybody who has used a dry shampoo before will know- there are some which can leave your hair streaky, some that give your hair a chalky feel and some you just know will make it feel even greasier the next day.

Here’s our thoughts.

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Stacey Dutton, our Reviews Editor, tested out the Schwarzkopf Got2b Fresh It Up Extra Fresh Dry Shampoo.

I have always had such a love/hate relationship with dry shampoo. I have purchased the Batiste range over the years out of convenience, with them being the first to massively dominate the market but there are so many other options now.

Before and After of using the Got2B dry shampoo
Before and After of using the Got2B dry shampoo

The picture above is before and after using the Schwarzkopf Got2b dry shampoo which really transformed my look to get one more day out of my hair. I really try to not over wash and style my hair now that I have nano bond hair extensions. I find that if I leave it and just wash it once, or twice a week, the condition of my hair is kept better much longer.

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I loved that this dry shampoo brand didn’t leave a white residue like many other brands do, and it smells gorgeous. The only down side, for such a small amount I sprayed, it felt like I had used half of the bottle.

I picked up the bottle from my local Superdrug for £2.99 for a 200ml bottle. I think for those quick refreshes it is worth the price, it’s just a shame it doesn’t feel it would last as long as other brands I have previously used.

Bethan Shufflebotham, from Manchester Evening News, tested out a cherry scented dry shampoo from cult brand Batiste.

Batiste cheeky cherry dry shampoo
Batiste cheeky cherry dry shampoo

My first experience with dry shampoo was at my first festival back in 2015 in a bid to keep my pretty lifeless teenage hair looking fresh. These days in my twenties, you’ll never find me without a can on my dressing table.

I’d never really been loyal to a brand and typically pick up whatever is on offer – but in doing so, discovered some really poor quality dry shampoos that make you look like you’ve just come in from a snow storm.

However, I find for my light colored hair, batiste works really well for my hair type. And while it does leave a white cast on the hair, it looks natural on blondes and fair-haired people once brushed through and styled.

My favorite is the cheeky cherry version of their dry shampoo, which you can find in Boots for £3.25 for a 200ml tin, where it’s racked up nearly 150 five star reviews.

It’s best used from around a 30cm distance and shaking the can before spritzing is an absolute must to avoid that snowy look. However, when you’ve mastered the technique, massaged it into the hair to absorb the excess oils, it works a real treat.

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Not only is it ideal for festivals and holidays, but it’s great for general, everyday use to stretch the length of time between washes, offering a refresh with a subtle but fruity fragrance. It also works wonders as a styling product, making bobby pins grippier, adding texture to messy buns or updos, and adding volume where needed, saving your scalp from resorting to backcombing, because that’s one thing we don’t need to bring back from Y2K .

You can buy the Batiste cherry dry shampoo here for £3.25.

Jessie Parker, from our Consumer Unit, tested out the Moroccan Oil Moroccanoil dry shampoo dark tones.

I tried the Moroccanoil dry shampoo dark tones
I tried the Moroccanoil dry shampoo dark tones

As someone with very dark hair, it’s often hard to find a dry shampoo that doesn’t leave your hair looking dull, white or as if you have dandruff. I’ve tried various brands that supposedly cater for darker hair but I’ve always been left disappointed and the tint has never quite matched my roots.

While I tend to go for the cheaper range, opting to apply before bed to avoid any white-cast, I decided to try something from the next bracket up, which has been made with dark hair in mind: Moroccanoil dry shampoo, dark tones.

Priced at £14.68, the can looks and feels like any other dry shampoo, but the spray itself was powerful. Instead of using the product in my night-time routine, I decided to apply it first thing to see if it was something I could wear day-to-day.

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Before: my hair was greasy and tired with plenty of flyaways
Before: my hair was greasy and tired with plenty of flyaways

I did as the instructions told me: shake well, spray six inches from roots, let it dry, massage into your scalp, then brush out. At first, I was concerned and not at all convinced this was going to work on my brunette hair.

As I sprayed, my roots turned a very contrasting gray and I found myself double checking the can to see if I’d picked up the fair hair option. However, I persisted and carried on the process. Once it had dried and I’d brushed it through, my natural color returned and I did not find any residue that diminished any shine or vibrancy.

In terms of smell, the Moroccanoil dry shampoo it was nice enough at first but did have a hint of WD-40. Saying that, I often find dry shampoo smells can be a bit headache-inducing, and this had a much more pleasant scent.

After: my hair was left refreshed and smooth
After: my hair was left refreshed and smooth

Although it felt counterintuitive putting an oil-based product on already greasy hair, I was surprised that my hair regained some of the glossiness you get after conditioning and I’d definitely feel confident to prolong the periods between washes. That being said, with the higher price tag, this would be a product I’d only splash out on for special occasions.

You can buy the Moroccanoil dry shampoo dark tones here, for £14.68.


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