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Comedian Miki Nadal and journalist Juanma Castaño have become the winners of Masterchef Celebrity 6. In this way, and after having starred in a series of scuffles throughout the contest, the jury has determined that they have to share the prize by having carried out a practically identical final test. Something that had not happened before in the history of the program, so the two applicants become the first participants who have to share the final grand prize.

The program began with a first test in which Belén López, David Bustamante, Miki Nadal and Juanma Castaño had to replicate the pigeon of chef Jesús Sánchez. While Miki Nadal and Juanma Castaño followed the chef’s instructions to the letter, Belén López and David Bustamante showed the first signs of fatigue that would later separate them from the grand final. After deliberating the dishes of the four applicants, the jury determined that Belén López was in fourth position. David Bustamante was in third place, Miki Nadal second and Juanma Castaño prevailed to win the first jacket of the grand final.

Belén López and David Bustamante remain at the gates of victory

Then came the last outdoor test, held in the Penedés Valley. Once there, the finalists had to prepare a menu designed by Joan Roca for twelve people. After choosing two dishes each in order of classification in the previous test, Belén López was left with the worst part. After an arduous battle, the jury determined that Miki Nadal was the second grand finalist of the night.

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After winning the first two tests, Juanma Castaño and Miki Nadal had to prepare a complete menu to convince the jury that they should be the winners of the sixth edition of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’. While Miki Nadal opted for a menu that reflected different periods of his life, Juanma Castaño opted for a very personal menu related to Asturias. In the first place, Miki Nadal presented ‘the hangover spaghetti’ that accompanied him during his youth and Juanma Castaño his plate ‘Christmas dinner’. Two dishes that received the approval of the jury, who assured that they were at a high level.

Juanma Castaño and Miki Nadal, the most even final in the history of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’

After presenting the starters, it was the turn of the main course. Miki Nadal presented his ‘imperial eel of Aragon’ and Juanma presented ‘La matanza’. Once again, both dishes were highly celebrated by the members of the jury, who did not know which of the two applicants could win the grand final. As usual, the dessert would be the judge and executioner who established the winner of the sixth edition of ‘Masterchef Celebrity 6’.

On this occasion, Miki presented a dish in memory of his mother that excited Jordi Cruz himself: “We have twenty-four editions of MasterChef and it is the first tear that escapes me. “Meanwhile, Juanma conquered Samantha Vallejo-Nájera and chef Quique Dacosta with a dish featuring the Asturian apple. For that same reason, and since both grated At a high level throughout the final, the jury made the historic decision to proclaim both as winners of the sixth edition of Masterchef Celebrity.

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