“We are going to inaugurate the year with the great reform of the labor market”


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The second vice president of the Spanish Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy has announced in ETB that this week there will be news in this regard.


Yolanda Diaz.

The second vice president of the Spanish Government and Minister of Labor and Social Economy has announced that 2022 will begin “with the great reform of the labor market”, referring to the Labour reform they are working on.

In an interview with the ETB2 program ’12 minutes’, the Galician leader has advanced that eThis same next week there could be news regarding the text they are finalizing.

Díaz explained that the agreement on the Labor Reform “is on the starting straight“, and that this week they have been” writing article by article “the most important text of this year.”

On the most outstanding points of the norm, the minister has said that it is going to “address temporality in Spain“.” We are the European anomaly, and we are going to Europeanize. We are 12.5 points away from the EU in terms of temporality, and to speak of temporality is to speak of precariousness, precarious lives, bad lives, precarious jobs, and precarious companies, “he added.

“Rebalancing in collective bargaining”

In this sense, he has ensured that the reform will incorporate “rebalancing in collective bargaining, which is basic and fundamental for relations between employers and workers.”

In addition, he has valued the usefulness of ERTE, and has explained that in the text there will be “a internal flex mechanism“Similar, since it has managed to” save hundreds and thousands of jobs and companies. “” We are going to turn it into a fundamental piece, “he concluded.

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Regarding the PNV’s request for shield the Basque sphere from collective bargainingIt has said that it is willing to speak with the political groups, although it has not wanted to clarify that point, “because there is no definitive text.”

Own political project

In recent weeks there has been much talk about the strength that the figure of Yolanda Díaz has taken as a candidate for the Presidency of the Spanish Government, and her assessment has risen like foam in the CIS polls.

“A process of listening” of citizens

Díaz wanted to make it clear that his only concern at the moment is “to govern and finish the legislature”, although he has admitted that he does have a political project that he will launch in 2022. That political project “will not be a candidacy”, but “a process listening “to the citizens, so that” they themselves are the protagonists “, because” I believe that my country needs serene, public conversations about the problems of citizenship. “

For all this, he highlighted, in reference to Iván Redondo’s prediction that there could be early elections, that “nobody would understand in our country that in the situation of uncertainty that exists, with people who are having a bad time, there would be an early call for elections. “

Visit to the pope

In another vein, the vice president has stressed that the visit she made to Pope Francis was official, that it was on behalf of the Spanish Government, and has denounced that those who criticize him from the right, are kidnapped “by the extreme right of Vox “.

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