War in Ukraine | Russia reinforces its attacks in several areas

The air raid sirens they have sounded again this Saturday in a good part of Ukraine, with the Russian army redoubling its attacks. According to local media, both in the capital, Kyiv, as in the city of Lvivin the west of the country, strong explosions have been recorded, when 52 days after the beginning of the Russian invasion.

The regional authorities reported three Russian air strikes in the kyiv region Added to this are other bombings registered in eastern Ukraine. However, there is no information on casualties or damage in these areas.

The mayor of kyiv has assured that rescue and medical teams are working at the site of the explosion on the outskirts of the capital, in a district located on the left bank of the Dnipro River. Work is still underway to collect information on injuries or deaths. The Kremlin has claimed it has destroyed a tank factory in kyiv, after it attacked a similar facility in the capital on Friday.

In his daily report, the defense spokesman, ígos Konashénkov, pointed out that last night a total of 16 Ukrainian Army installations in various regions of the country were destroyed with high-precision missiles, including two rocket depots in the Mykolaiv region, in the south of the country.

While Lviv, cultural capital of the countryhas suffered an attack that has lasted for an hour and a quarter, reported the regional governor.

After what Russia announced two weeks ago that it was going to concentrate its offensive on Donbas, in eastern Ukraine, the bombings of the capital and other interior areas have been repeated in recent days in retaliation for the sinking of his flagship Moskvaalthough Moscow continues to deny that enemy fire was the cause and blame it on an accidental fire.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry, however, claims that the ship was hit by a torpedowhich led to its sinking, and one of its spokesmen has assured that, contrary to what the Russian authorities have said, the crew, made up of 500 people, could not be rescued. Information that could not be confirmed by any independent source.

civilian casualties

The attacks have left fatalities in other parts of the country, according to Ukrainian officials, who have reported that at least two civilians have died and four have been injured.

In the eastern region of Luganskone person has died and three have been injured by a bombing, the governor reported Serhiy Gaidai. “Evacuate, while it is still possible,” Gaidai has asked, assuring that there are buses ready for those civilians who want to leave the region.

While, in Poltava one person has died and another was injured in a small town near the regional capital, the governor said Dmytro Lunin in a post on Telegram. The Kremlin has assured that in this area it has destroyed a warehouse of means of communication and radars, as well as a deposit of anti-aircraft missiles of the Army.

Along with the town of Gusarovkain northeastern Ukraine, an area where units of the 95th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were stationed was attacked.

Russian artillery, according to the Kremlin, has attacked a total of 811 targets, including 43 command posts of Ukrainian units, eight fuel convoys and 760 troop locations. In addition, according to the Russian military spokesman, the Russian anti-aircraft defense shot down a Su-25 assault aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force next to the city of Izium, in the Ukrainian northeast.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister, Irina Vereshchukhas reported that this Saturday they have agreed nine humanitarian corridors to evacuate civilians from the situated areas, including the city of Mariupol. Five of the nine runners are from the Lugansk region, which is suffering the most from the Russian offensive.

As stated by the president Volodymyr Zelensky, between 2,500 and 3,000 Ukrainian soldiers have died and some 10,000 have been injured in the seven weeks since the beginning of the invasion, although it has not given data on civilian casualties. In an interview on CNN, Zelensky has estimated that between 19,000 and 20,000 Russian soldiers have died in the conflict, although Moscow has only recognized 1,350 fatalities in its ranks.


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