War in Ukraine: images of destruction

Satellite images show the destruction in several cities of Ukraine when it is fulfilled a week from the beginning of the invasion of the country by Russia. In the images, from the Maxar Technologies company, you can see collapsed bridges, razed factories, smoke in residential areas and other traces of the bombing.

Beyond the conflict zones, the images at the border crossings show long queues of Ukrainians trying to take refuge in neighboring countries, such as Hungary, Slovakia or Romania, as well as Russian army convoys heading towards their objectives. In just one week of invasion, the number of refugees already exceeds one million people, according to the United Nations, in what is already the largest exodus of refugees in Europe this century.

Damaged bridge on a highway near Chernigov. AFP AFP

The above photo shows a bridge destroyed by bombs on a road near Chernigov, taken on February 28, days after Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian territory began, and triggered international sanctions by Western countries.

Russian military convoy circulating in the southwest of Chernigov, on February 28. AFP REUTERS

This image from February 28 shows a military convoy heading southwest from Chernigov, a city northwest of Kiev from which Russia is directing the front against the Ukrainian capital, its main military objective.

War in Ukraine: A destroyed factory near Chernigov via REUTERS REUTERS

The satellite image shows a bomb-ravaged factory near Chernigov, taken on February 28.

Craters and plumes of smoke in homes near Rivnopillia AFP AFP

This image from the Maxar Technologies satellite shows burning houses and craters caused by the impact of projectiles near Rivnopillia, a small town in the province of Kherson.

Wrecked military vehicles in a residential area in Bucha. via REUTERS REUTERS

Military vehicles destroyed in a residential area also affected by the attacks, in the city of Bucha, with around 30,000 inhabitants, in the Kiev region.

People and vehicles wait to cross the border into Slovakia. via REUTERS REUTERS

Thousands of Ukrainians try to escape bombs and death and cross the country to cross the border. A long queue of vehicles and people tries to pass into Slovakia.

Refugees and vehicles waiting to cross the border into Hungary via REUTERS REUTERS

Hungary is another of the border countries to which Ukrainian refugees seek to reach. In the image, the vehicles await their turn to be able to cross the Luzhanka border post, on February 27, on the fourth day of the invasion.

Ukrainian refugees trying to cross the border with Romania. via REUTERS REUTERS

The image is repeated on the border with Romania. From this aerial view, a long line of vehicles can be seen waiting to cross at the Siret border post on February 25, a day after the Russian invasion began.

People and vehicles wait to cross the border into Slovakia. via REUTERS REUTERS

From the air you can also see a long line of people in Kiev, the country’s capital, waiting to get food waiting outside a grocery store.

Military convoy in Khilchikha, Belarus AFP AFP

The satellite shows ground forces equipment and a convoy in Khilchikha, Belarus, on February 28. The Ukrainian Defense Ministry warned that the Belarusian Army could join the invasion launched by Russia, not only by welcoming Russian troops and weapons.

The images of the war in Ukraine, analyzed by VerificaRTVE

Since the war in Ukraine began, RTVE has carried out conscientious work to verify the images and videos circulating on social networks of this armed conflict. In the following links you can track those that have been verified as authentic and those that are false, without context or not confirmed.


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