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Javier Ortega Smith and José Luis Martínez-Almeida, this Thursday.
Javier Ortega Smith and José Luis Martínez-Almeida, this Thursday.Madrid

Well no. It has not been a successful date. Seven minutes after eight in the morning this Thursday, the mayor of Madrid shared a 48 second video from his official Twitter account. It was a montage of his interview in The anthill from more than a year ago mixed with a woman who attended the Cuatro program First Dates a few months ago. A dinner in search of full-blown love, go. “Infallible conquest technique,” Almeida wrote in his tweet underlining his gifts. In the video, the politician was dictating some articles of the Constitution at full speed, a method, implacable in his opinion, which he bragged about with Pablo Motos. Good. Eight minutes after launching this advice to his thousands of followers, he sat down to breakfast with two glasses of water with the Vox spokesperson in the capital, Javier Ortega Smith, at the Palacio de Cibeles. Your true key date of the week and probably of the year. In a room next to the president’s office, Almeida has tried to trick the extreme right again into approving his 2022 Budgets, without success.

The PP had managed to seat the emissary of Santiago Abascal in the capital, after six weeks clamoring for an appointment with public statements in the media, interviews and press conferences. An hour after the meeting, it was of no use. Vox has been planted. A resounding no to your accounts. A political movement that, although the citizens will not notice too much, it does change the course of the speech of the PP of Almeida in the city and the way of understanding of its own voters. Vox does approve the accounts of President Isabel Díaz Ayuso and will not say yes to those of Almeida. And that the mayor has always said that Smith and the extreme right were his priority partner. After all, they share voters. However, its agreements with the four councilors of the Mixed Group after the summer – the four councilors who left Más Madrid in April this year due to disagreements with the direction the party was taking – led to its approval of its new Central Madrid. A move that has never been tolerated by the ultra formation. “We are not going to approve the Budgets. It does not keep its promises. His policy is creeping, “said the mayor after the morning appointment.

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The Mixed Group enters the scene

Smith has argued his refusal by recalling the past of the ediles of the Mixed Group, on which everything indicates that support will fall for the next accounts. “Carmena’s policies have come to stay. We saw it with the approval of Central Madrid and we are going to see it in the approval of these Budgets ”, said the Vox spokesperson with a very serious tone. “[Almeida] he has broken the balance that existed in the City Council so that the policies of the left did not prosper. We will vote against. Today we are going to present an amendment to all the accounts. We cannot approve some Budgets approved by the left! ”.

Almeida was silent after the meeting. He quickly left for the Madrid neighborhood of Tetuán, where he had summoned his councilors to announce the agreements of his Governing Board on Thursdays, with his partner Ciudadanos. At the end, he did attend the press: “Good morning,” he observed, “let me start by saying that Javier Ortega Smith has disrespected the people of Madrid. He has done a paripe ”.

The mayor went with everything against his star partner, after demanding that he sit down, he thought that the morning appointment would serve to close his long-awaited agreement with the extreme right. “The meeting has been a fronton,” he continued. “I would say to him: ‘And the budgets?’, And he would answer me with Madrid Central. ‘What proposals do you have?’ And Madrid Central. That he does not come to tease the Madrilenians! “. After the door slammed, the response of Almeida’s team was to put Vox in the face of being the culprits that there are no new accounts in the capital: “It all comes down to Javier Ortega driving his vehicle on Gran Vía. been deeply disappointed. The door is not to Almeida, do not lie ”.

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Vox has fully entered into the internal crisis of the PP. He is already looking to the horizon for the municipal elections of 2023. Almeida, annoyed at this move by the extreme right that divides his voters, wants to make them see that he does look out for the people of Madrid. “I know what it is [el posible acuerdo con el Grupo Mixto] Some [votantes] they may not understand. I know that Vox does politics with this, but I am here to make Madrid do better. Ahead of me are the three million citizens. That is what will guide me ”.

For six weeks, Vox had not answered any call from the PP. In the mayor’s circle they did not understand this type of movement. “Every time they tell us no! You have to be …!”, Roared the popular mayor of Hacienda, Engracia Hidalgo, 10 days ago. The term of the amendments of the parties to the accounts ended this Tuesday. However, a call from Hidalgo to the Mixed Group after ten o’clock at night, led to a further 48 hours, the limit allowed. The move served so that Smith, upon learning of this call between the PP and the Mixed Group, immediately sent an email to the mayor saying that yes, this time he was sitting with him this Thursday, at the limit of the schedule.

Beyond the yes or no to the Budgets, the story to their voters was also at stake. Vox’s no, without sitting down, would hardly be understood among his militancy. A refusal without, at least, an appointment? Why doesn’t our councilman sit down with Almeida? They would think. Vox has finally sat down. “We have never said no to sitting down,” explained Smith. “But we are a legit party and we do not play with political opportunism. What we say in the campaign, we comply ”. And thus overlapped the possible speech of Almeida of a hypothetical new pact with the councilors of the left to approve their accounts. Or put another way. We do it with the Mixed Group because Vox does not want to.

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Vox now wants to take advantage of this popular troubled river to divide as it is and at all costs the Madrilenian voter of the PP. “We do not feel the betrayal with Ayuso, we trust her and that is why we have signed an agreement,” explained Smith after his breakfast with Almeida. “I no longer trust this government team [en referencia al alcalde y su equipo] and we cannot support who is deceiving the people of Madrid. It is a creeping policy ”.

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