Vox promises loyalty to Mañueco in his government

The spokesman for Vox in the Cortes and future vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, has promised this Monday loyalty to the new president of the community, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (PP), to whom he has assured that his party “respects the agreements and the word given” and that it will do so for “four difficult years”, despite the “demonization” received by other parties and the media during negotiations to form the coalition government.

“This time you will have a loyal, consistent and serious, trustworthy partner”, García-Gallardo told him during the investiture debate, assuring that despite the discrepancies that may arise, “sincerity can always put you to the test without fear of being betrayed.” “You can keep your principles, just as I will keep mine, which will not prevent us from reaching agreements,” he added.

García-Gallardo has thus responded to criticism from opposition groups, who have charged Mañueco with “open the door to the extreme right” and give “shelter to racism and homophobia without flinching” by governing with Vox.

The Vox spokesman has defended the terms of the pact reached as “proof of the maturity” of both political formations, which, as he has meant, have accepted that the negotiations “are not a contest to reach victory or defeat” and yes “a success in which the only winners are the people from Castile and Leon”.

Domestic violence and the decree of Concordia

On the other hand, Juan García-Gallardo recognized on Monday the “dedication” of his party to put an end to an “anomaly” in the Spanish legal system, expressly referring to the Law of gender violence and the decree of historical memory. “I am proud to form a government that has taken a step to equally protect victims of domestic violence, regardless of the sex of the aggressor”, he stated during his speech, in which he denounced the “manipulation of the left” on this law.

According to the historical memory, has defended that the approval of a decree of concord will be “a first step” to guarantee the freedom of all to study and interpret “each in his own way” the history of Spain. “Never again are we going to allow history to be used as an element of division,” García-Gallardo warned.

Garcia-Gallardo has defended a descentralized Spain, “united and strong” and based on the family, against his “internal and external enemies”, and has recognized that the pact with the PP does not fulfill the aspirations of his party, for which he has offered and asked for “perseverance and long term” from his position as Vice President of the Board.

Vox a Cs and UP: “Don’t kill each other for money”

During his speech, the representative of Vox has also addressed the spokesman for United We Can, Paul Fernandez, -who last week spoke that Vox would “shoot” representatives of his party if they could- to indicate that this is “sovereign stupidity”. “Don’t kill each other for money,” he also told Fernández and his partner from the Mixed Group Francisco Igea (Cs), in reference to their complaints about the economic cut.

“You are a political ghost”, he has snapped at Igea, whom he has predicted a “resounding failure” as youtuber because it is a “enemy of truth”at the same time that he has asked him to come to the Cortes “sorry from home”.

He has also dedicated the socialist Luis Tudanca a series of predictions, focused on the fact that the PSOE in Castilla y León and in Spain is going to follow the path of the socialists in France, where its candidate Anne Hidalgo has garnered just over 1% of the vote, for having “abandoned to the workers”for which he sees them “condemned to their disappearance”.


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