Vox fulfills its threat and presents an amendment to the entire budget | Radio Sevilla | Hour 14 Andalusia

Vox, the priority partner of the Andalusian Government of PP and Cs, has fulfilled this Wednesday with its reiterated threat by presenting an amendment to the 2022 community budgets, a return proposal that will maintain until voting day, the next November 24.

The spokesman for the parliamentary group, Manuel Gavira, has declared to the media that it is an amendment to the entire budget and the Government of Juanma Moreno, for which he has demanded the urgent call for elections in Andalusia.

“The Government is fragile and unstable with a partner (Cs) that we do not trust and is dead, he has presented a socialist budget and fails to comply with the agreements signed with Vox that allowed Moreno to be president and stay at the head of the Board,” he said. wielded.

Gavira has criticized the “null will” of the Moreno government to comply with the investiture budget agreements signed with his formation and has referred to the “socialist immersion suffered” by the Andalusian Executive.

“We have a president who dreams of being a socialist, who knows what socialists dream of. This is what he says when he indicates that the budget for 2022 is what any socialist president would have dreamed of. Not happy with that, he insists that it is the budget that he will have. prominent socialist leaders have asked, “he explained.

“They are not going to drag us over that cliff”, remarked the spokesman, who has argued that the change in Andalusia “has not arrived nor is it going to arrive”, less – he stressed – with a government that has dedicated itself to managing socialist “inheritance”.

Regarding the leak of the statements of Vice President Juan MarĂ­n (Cs), in which he affirms that it would be “stupid” to approve a budget in an electoral year, Gavira has considered that it is the ratification that Ciudadanos is “dead and does everything possible to resurrect. “

The “incident” reflects that CS, one of the government’s partners, is “pending” the electoral advance, “of its electoral interests”, which makes the Moreno government “fragile, unstable and weak,” according to the spokesperson.

In his opinion, for the community to have a strong government it is “necessary” that Andalusians speak through the elections.

Asked if the amendment to the entirety will be maintained until the final vote and if it is possible that Vox withdraws it during the debate, as happened in the 2021 budget, Gavira has responded: “As the Government does not have the will to comply the agreements we will vote in favor of our amendment “.

The vote of both this amendment and that of United We Can and the one registered by the PSOE-A will be the only one with which it is assured that the 2022 budgets will be returned to the Government, which will have to extend those of 2021, if the situation does not change. .

Vox believes that there are plenty of reasons to amend the budgets and assures that if the Government had complied with the agreements it would support the accounts.

In addition, his parliamentary spokesman has disassociated this decision from the electoral growth that some polls give to Vox in Andalusia


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