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Virginia Torrecilla has returned to the pitch 683 days later after overcoming cancer. The Atlético de Madrid player, who was back on the pitch against Barça in the Super Cup, explained in El Larguero how her comeback went and how the rival players played.

Did you expect so much echo, so much repercussion?

Not at all, never, never have I imagined everything that happened yesterday.

Have you seen the picture? It is a photo that the whole world has seen and that has surely had more repercussions than even the Super Cup and the title that Barça won.

Totally agree. In the end, I think that after the Super Cup what counted in the final was the sport. Personally, that a team like Barça takes you into account is above all else.

MEwas it agreed?

Any. Nerd. Never in my life would I have imagined my redebut like this, or losing that game like we lost it, and much less that after losing it the rival team kept me that way.

doAs was? How was that moment?

The game is over and I hugged a colleague from the opposing team and suddenly I find myself with Irene Paredes hugging me and from one moment to another I am already jumping. They asked me if I heard anything, but I didn’t hear anything. At that moment I was aware that the rival team was sending me. It was something incredible.

Tell us how Caroline Hansen’s message went.

It was his first year in Spain. I had played against her, but we didn’t know each other at all and I got sick. And I remember perfectly when he wrote me a message on Instagram and told me that he was waiting for me on the pitch and that I should be calm, that it would go very well. And I replied: ‘Well, of course, I’ll be there shortly, we’ll be on the pitch’. Coincidences of life my first match is against her.

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doWhat did you say to her or what did she say to you after that date you had?

The game ended and the first thing he did was hug me, tell me that he was very happy that I was here. I touch myself. Obviously, he touched me for having written to me two years ago and especially because then they gave him the MVP and he said that it had to be for me. With all my love and all my appreciation, you are an admirable person.

What did you feel yesterday?

I had a lot of emotions. At the moment when my coach told me to warm up, that I was going to go out, for me it was something incredible. I knew I was in the call, but I never would have imagined being able to leave.

doWho did you remember?

Well, to tell you the truth, I always remember neither my parents nor my family. Those who have been with me throughout the process and well, to do their best so that they are proud of me.

do youThere will have to be a rematch with Barça soon? This can not continue.

In the end, Barça is the rival team, one of the best teams in the world. Obviously, we have to work to improve and that doesn’t happen again. And above all, to continue growing as a club and as a team.

Right now there are surely people who are going through what you’ve been through and probably someone is now listening to El Larguero. Do you want to tell them something?

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Of course. I would love to show all those people who are going through very hard times in their lives, whether for family, for or for themselves, to fight. That they do not bow their heads, that they continue on the trip they have to make. The road is long and hard, but I think it’s worth it after all. I never would have imagined that after two years I would be here healthy, with my team and having the whole world with me. So really, with all my heart, strength now for everyone, always.

and youand they even said that you would surely not play again.

The first thing they tell me, obviously, is that I will never play professional football again. That I will play again, but not in the First Division because it would have secondary effects.

I imagine that already wanting to play more minutes.

Sure, but I’m well aware of that. I have to keep working to earn it and above all to keep improving.


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