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The agenda of the ex-commissioner Villarejo was aware of the Astapa operation before and during the developing of this, offered job to the person in charge of town planning days before out of named after the operation policeman and kept contacts direct with technicians of the City Council of Estepona while managing his interests urban planning in the location.

According to notes on the agenda of the ex-commissioner, to which this station has had access, in December from 2007 , six months before the Astapa operation, Villarejo noted in his agenda after a conversation with the former commissioner Olivera, head of the UDEF and responsible for the operation after which between interrogations he wondered if it would be before or after elections municipalities of 9 March from 2008.

Finally, the operation took place on 17 of June from 2008. A few days before, on the sixth of that month after a meal with Olivera, he pointed out that it would be on the 18th and write down that there were two witnesses protected from PSOE (David Valadez and Cristina Garcia Alarcón)

Shortly before, he also wrote that his partner, Juan Carlos Notary, to the seasoning district Attorney del Mirador de la Cala, one of the main interests urbanistic of Villarejo in Estepona, I was nervous about the operation Astapa.

Precisely the Mirador from Cala is one of the workhorses of Villarejo throughout its entire agenda since this promotion lacked from license first class occupation.

The day before the operation against political-urban corruption in Estepona, Villarejo write down in your agent what you have seen with Diego from Lucas, the person that Valadez put in front of town planning in the locality. I knew De Lucas well, in fact, he looks with relatives of this for future business according It consists in the agenda.

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October 3, 2008 Villarejo the offers job of De Lucas in Estepona, on November 13 he is named responsible from town planning.

Shortly after the operation and throughout several notes, Villarejo follows in the wake of the license promotion occupancy Mirador from Cala where you acquire at least seven properties at initial prices of more than one million of euros until it is granted on 7 November from 2008 by means of the intervention Diego de Lucas before even being named officially, according to annotations from Villarejo.

In fact Villarejo note that De Lucas organize the granting of the license first class occupation of its main investment in Estepona, the promotion Mirador from Cala, and does it even days before De Lucas out of named responsible of town planning.

But it was not the only business that sketched, also had contacts with the owners of more than three million square meters in Estepona, the Nadal heritage grounds, Jose Hidalgo, planned to create a isla in some land won to the sea in situation privileged in Estepona and had contacts with the owner o la portion on the Christ Beach, land that he wanted to buy ex-commissioner to build saving the prohibition from build.

All through the supposed network of influence internal that Villarejo created in the bowels of the city hall of Estepona after the operation Astapa and where Diego from Lucas would be in charge as head of urban planning but that they would have included others relevant charges municipal As the secretary municipal or the responsible of the services legal.

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So much so that his own Villarejo it shows willing to create evidence false against a would official who, presumably, did not follow the path of his interests, was finally removed from the cargo and relegated to a Department oblivious to town planning as revealed by the annotations of the ex-commissioner.

He is not the only one asking favors to the new manager of town planning according to the annotations of Villarejo, even the curator Olivera, head of the UDEF and the operation Astapa, asks the former commissioner to intercede with From Lucas to do him a favor according to an entry from March 2010.

The new mayor David valadez also appears in agendas, Villarejo points out that the regidor the query about several issues or ask you average in some matters.

The diaries span six years of endorsements, from 2007 a 2013. In fact , Villarejo continues trying weave his red from influences when José María García Urbano wins the municipal elections in 2011, from that moment on Villarejo start searching information that compromise to the new Mayor and for this he asks his contacts to graben all I know I talked with the regidor.

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