Vigo starts Christmas around the planet: “They are dazzled on the International Space Station” | Radio Vigo

The famous Christmas lights of Vigo, this year eleven million LEDs that will shine for two months, began to sparkle this November 20, when the mayor of the city, Abel Caballero, accompanied by the Paralympic champion of adapted triathlon Susana Rodríguez Gacio , you have pressed the power button.

“Boas noites Vigo, boas noites Galicia, boas noites to all of Spain”, the councilor greeted euphorically, who revealed, at the beginning of his speech, that he reserved the greeting to the whole world for later by a surprise, which ended up counting: “The International Space Station is focusing and seeing the Christmas lights!”, “They are dazzled”, “the Christmas light occupies space, it occupies everything”. This message has been given by Caballero in Spanish and English.

Hotels, streets and restaurants have hung the bill fully. The reservations for the December bridge are very good, comments the sector. There are decorative elements everywhere. There are more than 350 illuminated streets.

The covid protocol has forced to set seven plots with a maximum of 500 people each to follow the show: a tree, a castle, a ferris wheel, a giant gift, an ice rink, music, snow.

Caballero has had a special memory for those who, due to the pandemic, are no longer there. And he has applauded the respect with which, he said, the restrictions have been followed. Thus, he has praised that “way of being, with caution”.

He has not forgotten the hospitality industry, the commerce, the people who “have worked so hard to bring the city forward.” “Together we are unbeatable”, has dropped.

In the smile of the little ones, the mayor finds the “greatest gratification” and the press has dedicated some affectionate words in which he has praised his work, that of publicizing “the best Christmas lights in the world”.

For Susana Rodríguez, who is a doctor, apart from a consolidated athlete with albinism and a very important visual impairment, another compliment has been reserved: “This is the vision we want to give of this city”, “this is who we are”, ” we are going to blow it up. “

“We start Christmas all over the planet,” continued Caballero, who has congratulated himself on the fact that this increasingly “goes on” with “enthusiasm”, with the desire to “be together”, with the desire to “have leisure and enjoy it”.

“Here today is all of Spain”, highlighted the first mayor, surprised by the variety of accents that he has been hearing, and has made a review of each point on the map, among which he has been catching.

With the accounting of COVID cases on the rise, the Vigo City Council drew up a series of regulations for the lighting of Christmas lights, among which the division into seven plots of the so-called zero zone of the show, in the center of the city, in each one of which they have not been able to be more than half a thousand people.

However, once, at half past eight in the afternoon, the “red button” for the ignition was pressed, an action that gave way to a gradual illumination of the entire city and that lasted no more than a minute. people started to flow towards the tree.

It has not been, in any case, an arbitrary access, but rather that people have had to follow marked routes of entry and exit to the tree, with the aim of reducing contacts as much as possible. Abel Caballero has celebrated the overwhelming success and, among the journalistic professionals’ union, he has dropped some jokes, such as that, at this rate, he will join the lighting with the beginning of summer.

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