Videos show murdering mother’s acting to cover up son’s death

Police bodycam footage shows the chilling moment the mother of murdered five-year-old Logan Mwangi denies knowing what happened to her little boy, just hours after her boyfriend dumped her son’s body in a river.

Angharad Williamson, 31, who with John Cole, 40, and a teenager, has been found guilty of murdering Logan, appears hysterical when officers first enter the family’s flat in Bridgend.

Williamson, who is wearing an oversized Captain America t-shirt and black shorts and has dyed bright pink hair, demands to see Logan and shouts: “Why aren’t I allowed to see my biological son?”

In a later clip, she said: “It’s all my fault.”

Logan was found in the River Ogmore just 250 meters from where he lived at around 7am on July 31 last year.

Police officers found him wearing only mis-matched dinosaur and Spider-Man pajamas and tried to revive him but said there were “no signs of life”.

Image of 5 Lower Llansantffraid, in Sarn, Bridgend (circled left) and the area where his body was discovered (circle right). Logan’s body was discovered in the River Ogmore on July 31 2021 not far from his home (South Wales Police / PA)

(AP Mean)

Logan had suffered 56 external injuries, as well as internal injuries likened to a high-speed car crash.

Footage taken from the CCTV cameras of neighbors showed Cole leaving the flat at 2.43am that morning carrying Logan’s battered body down to the river and being closely followed by his teenage co-accused.

While they are out, the light in Logan’s bedroom appears to be turned on and off several times, and his curtains opened and closed, meaning Williamson was awake and aware of what was happening.

Hours later, at 5.46am, Williamson dialed 999 and made a dramatic report to South Wales Police, claiming to have woken up to find her son missing and blaming another woman for taking him.

She can be heard screaming at the operator: “Please, please help me.”

Williamson describes Logan as “a little mixed-race boy”, adding: “He’s only got pajamas on.”

She goes on to say: “Logan has had Covid for the last week so he’s been locked in the past week with Covid.

Logan Mwangi, also known as Logan Williamson, who was murdered by his mother, stepfather and a teenage boy (South Wales Police/PA)

(AP Mean)

“I tucked him into bed last night and I’ve just got up for my son and the other one’s not here.”

Williamson then begs: “Please you need to find my baby.”

Prosecutors said this was part of an “elaborate charade” to cover up Logan’s death and her role in it.

When police arrived at the property, Williamson can be seen in the front garden, while Cole and the youth walk around the area calling for Logan.

Police suspect Logan is already dead but do not tell Williamson.

Playing the part of a distraught mother, Williamson can be heard constantly wailing and hyperventilating but prosecutors said they were just crocodile tears.

Williamson shouts: “He’s unconscious, why is he unconscious?”

Williamson demands to see her son as she and partner John Cole act together to deceive police officers (South Wales Police/PA)

(AP Mean)

Meanwhile Cole, who is also keeping up the sham, tries to comfort her replying: “I don’t know, I don’t know.”

Video footage shows in the background the washing machine and tumble dryer used to clean Logan’s bloody bed sheets.

In a later clip, Williamson is stood outside her home and tells Pc Russell Hibbs: “If he’s unconscious he needs me, he needs warm clothes, he needs mum. I feel so useless.

“This is all my fault,” she adds.

In the remaining bodycam footage, not released to the public, Williamson can be seen having a seizure, which Cole tells officers she is prone to having.

Responding to officers’ refusal to give her any more information, she shouts: “I’ve watched enough cop programs to know when something is going on.

“Now tell me what’s going on.”

When she is told Logan has died while standing in her bedroom she falls backwards onto his bed and appears to have another seizure for less than a minute.

A view of the section of the River Ogmore in Sarn, Bridgend, Wales, where the body of five-year-old Logan Mwangi, also known as Logan Williamson, was discovered on July 31 2021, which was visited by the jury, during his murder trial at Cardiff Crown Court (Ben Birchall/PA)

(PA Wire)

Williamson, Cole and the youth were arrested the next day and in footage shown to the jury she tells the youth he has “done nothing wrong”.

During police interviews all three continue to lie about what happened to Logan.

Only in her fourth interview does Williamson reveal that she witnessed Cole and the youth attack him in the days leading up to his death.

She claims she is scared of Cole who has told her he is in the SAS, has a significant criminal history, and can find her wherever she goes.

Prosecutors said she was a liar who had doctored her evidence to deflect blame from herself and continued to lie in the witness box under oath during the eight-week trial at Cardiff Crown Court.

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