Vicious thug jailed for 44 months after stabbing dog and its owner’s face and arms

A heartless brute who stabbed a dog after slashing its owner’s face and arms has been jailed for almost four years.

Gordon Bain, 34, caused permanent disfigurement to Garry Kyle at a property in Erskine when he repeatedly stabbed him before turning on his pet dog Bruno.

Now the brute has been put behind bars for three years and eight months and banned from owning or keeping animals following the bloody attack.

Yesterday at Paisley Sheriff Court, Sheriff Tom McCartney stated: “The gravity of these crimes is that there could be no alternative to a prison sentence.”

Prosecutor David McDonald previously told Paisley Sheriff Court that Garry Kyle lives at the property in Blantyre Court.

On Sunday, January 31, last year, Mr Kyle had received calls from Bain stating he was coming to the flat.

Bain showed up but when he was refused entry, he kicked in the door before stabbing Mr Kyle and his dog.

Mr McDonald told Paisley Sheriff Court: “Garry Kyle heard the door being kicked, left the living room and met Bain in the hallway and said to him, ‘What you doing, get out the house.’

“The accused stated ‘I’m gonna slash you.’

“This was heard by a neighbour, who contacted the police.

“Bain then produced a silver handled kitchen knife from his jacket and struck Mr Kyle on the face, causing extensive bleeding.

“The victim retreated to his bedroom but was followed by Bain who pinned him to the bed and made repeated attempts to strike him with the knife.

“Mr Kyle lifted his hands to protect his face which resulted in Bain repeatedly striking his forearms.”

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When carrying out the vicious attack, Bain stated: “You’ve blanked me, think I’m a daftie thinking you can ignore my calls.”

Bain then stated he would stab Mr Kyle’s dog Bruno if it came near him.

Mr McDonald explained: “Mr Kyle followed and tried to take his phone from the living room to contact police. This angered Bain and he tried to strike him but he fled to the kitchen and hid behind the door using his body weight to hold it shut.

“Bain continued his attack and began to strike the door with the knife and then turned his attention to the dog and struck the dog on its side, causing an extensive puncture wound.”

The court heard police attended and Mr Kyle was taken to Paisley’s Royal Alexandra Hospital for treatment.

Mr Kyle was treated for a two-inch laceration to the left side of his face which required six stitches and this injury will result in permanent scarring.

He was further treated for puncture wounds to his arms, with injuries here also causing permanent scarring.

Bruno was taken to a vet who sedated him due to his “level of distress.” Bruno was X-rayed to ensure no internal organs were punctured and his stab wound was cleaned and closed with three staples.

The court also heard how Bain, described as a prisoner of Low Moss, repeatedly attacked Brian Lappin in Motehill Road, Paisley, on October 16 last year.

Bain grabbed Mr Lappin by the clothing, attempting to remove him from his vehicle, and then struck him on the head with a car key.

Mr Lappin suffered a 3.5cm laceration to the left side of his forehead, a 2cm laceration to the back of his head and a 1cm laceration to the top of his head.

HMP Low Moss

Defense agent, James Arrol told the court that Bain understood a jail sentence was inevitable in this case.

Mr Arrol said: “What Mr Bain wishes to do is to take the punishment that the court gives him and at the end, he wants to get back to a sense of normality. He wants to get back to employment and wants to move away from the area.”

He explained that Bain had been suffering mental health problems in the run up to the incident following the tragic death of his sister and so “took to drink and drugs to deal with his emotions.”

Mr Arrol added: “He understands the difficulties he was getting himself in and he is remorseful of his conduct.

“He recognizes he has an issue with anger and intends to move away from the area for good.

“He understands he only has himself to blame. He fully accepts what he has done.”

On sentencing, Sheriff Tom McCartney said: “The length of sentence has to reflect the gravity and seriousness of these nasty crimes.”

Sheriff McCartney jailed Bain for 44 months backdating this to his date of remand on October 20, 2021.

In addition, Bain was made subject to a supervised release order for one year with Sheriff McCartney saying this was necessary “to protect the public from serious harm.”

Bain was also banned from owning or keeping any animal for five years.

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