Very predicted to drop huge PlayStation 5 restock coming out this week

A huge PlayStation 5 restock is expected to land at Very this week, according to gaming experts. The online retailer is likely to go live with their sale of the Sony console on Tuesday, April 12.

It’s been more than a month since Very went live with a restock of PlayStation 5 consoles and bundles, with their last online drop taking place on March 8, 2022. So it’s no surprise that experts are predicting another sale imminently. Talha Sonmez, who runs the popular PS5 Stock UK Alerts Twitter account, is hopeful that Very will feature a PS5 sale between 9am-10.30am tomorrow.

He said: “We’ve got a bit of evidence to back this prediction too, so you know why this date is highly likely! Very typically restocks the PS5 console once a month, in fact, once every four weeks consecutively, on a Tuesday every time. Tuesday, 12th April will mark the fifth week since the last Very drop went live, which shows they’ve exceeded their typical drop period expectancy. We also know for sure that retailers have or are receiving PS5 stock over the days.”

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PlayStation Direct features a sale on Thursday (April 7) while ShopTo went live with theirs over the weekend, on Sunday, April 10. Argos is also due a big restock in the coming days too, with a drop expected to come on

To get the most out of the expected Very PS5 coming out tomorrow, simply use or book their PS5 landing page here, to quickly buy on Very or track for updates on the day. It’s highly recommended to download the Very mobile app too ahead of the PS5 drop and stay signed in with an existing account on the app.

Previous launches with Very have shown that their mobile app gets through the PS5 online queue much faster than queuing up on a desktop. When the PlayStation 5 does restock at Very, it’s worth noting that shoppers won’t be able to find any PS5 consoles on the app at all because Very keeps the PS5 product pages hidden at all times, even during a live drop. To find the PS5 on Very’s mobile app, you will need to use this link here.

Talha said: “You may still use Very’s website for the PS5 drop, but there’s a higher chance getting passed the queue faster on the mobile app. Either way, whichever you choose to use, please do not refresh the queue at all.

“Refreshing Very’s PS5 queue will not do anything, as the queue lets shoppers get passed the queue at random, rather than first come first serve. For this reason, we recommend loading up Very’s PS5 queue on multiple devices (laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, etc.) to give you the best chance in getting through the queue.

“Do note that being connected to the same internet signal will not gain you a new position in the queue even if you’re using a different device. Very’s queue system spares one spot per internet IP, meaning, if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi signal on your smartphone and laptop, they’ll both be in the same position in the queue. will gain you two different randomized placements in the queue, upping your chances of securing a PS5 console.”

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