Verónica Forqué, the smile of Spanish cinema


Verónica Forqué died this Monday at the age of 66, but we will always have her smile, the smile of Spanish cinema. Because, although he did many, many dramatic roles, both in film and theater, We will always remember her for her comedies; What What have I done to deserve this ?, Get down to the Moor, Be unfaithful and do not look with whom, The happy life

Those who knew her say that her smile was contagious, and you only need to see any of those movies to verify that it is true, because we will always remember her smiling.

He also won most of his four Goya Awards for his comedy roles. (Only Carmen Maura equals her in these awards), to which we should add two Sant Jordi or three Fotogramas de Plata. In addition to being awarded at the festivals of Valladolid and Malaga, among other distinctions.

Verónica Forqué (Madrid, 1955) also It was Almodóvar girl (What have I done to deserve this? Matador and Kika), and worked with the best Spanish directors such as Fernando Colomo, Manuel Gómez Pereira, Manuel Iborra and Joaquín Oristrell.

Actress Verónica Forqué dies at 66

A career dedicated to cinema and theater

Verónica Forqué was the daughter of the director and producer Jose Maria Forqué and the writer Carmen Vazquez-Vigo, director’s sister Álvaro Forqué (1953-2014) and granddaughter of the musician and composer Jose Vazquez Vigo.

He studied dramatic art and debuted in the world of cinema with a very small paper (uncredited) in My dear lady, from Jaime de Armiñán. He would then work under his father and with other directors such as Antonio Mercero (Daddy’s war) The Carlos Saura (Blindfolded).

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She is also remembered for the controversial dubbing of The glow, by Stanley Kubrik, which Saura directed and in which he would lend his voice to Shelley Duvall.

But his great opportunity arose when Pedro Almodóvar made her one of his first “Almodóvar Girls” in the endearing What have I done to deserve this? (1984).

Actress Verónica Forqué dies at 66

The first actress to win two Goyas on the same night

During her first years in the cinema, she already stood out as a comedy actress and worked with Fernando Trueba in Be unfaithful and don’t look with whom Y The year of lights, film for which she obtained her first Goya as a supporting actress.

Without forgetting his complicity with Fernando Colomo with whom he starred Get off the moor Y The happy life; for the latter he won her first Goya as a leading actress; and in that same year, (1988) she did double, also getting the award as a supporting actress for Moors and Christians, from Luis Garcia Berlanga. She was the first actress to win two Goyas in the same ceremony, which would not be repeated until 29 years later, when Emma Suárez did the same in 2017.

La actriz Verónica Forqué recibió el pasado mes de noviembre el premio Cineuropa en Santiago de Compostela, en una de sus últimas apariciones públicas.

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Verónica Forqué ganó cuatro premios Goya y trabajó con los más grandes directores del cine español: Pedro Almodóvar, Luis García Berlanga, y Pilar Miró, entre otros.

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La actriz Verónica Forqué, en la alfombra roja de los últimos premios Goya en Málaga el pasado mes de marzo.

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    Verónica Forqué dies at 66

    Actress Verónica Forqué received the Cineuropa award in Santiago de Compostela last November, in one of her last public appearances.

    Verónica Forqué dies at 66

    Verónica Forqué won four Goya awards and worked with the greatest directors of Spanish cinema: Pedro Almodóvar, Luis García Berlanga, and Pilar Miró, among others.

His fourth Goya would win it, in 1993, for Peekby Pedro Almodóvar, with whom he had previously worked in What have I done to deserve this? Y Matador.

Another of the fundamental directors in his filmography is Manuel Gómez Pereira, Who did the comedies with Pink sauce, For what do they call love when they mean sex? Y Queens.

Pepa and Pepe – Chapter 28

He also triumphed on television and theater

Verónica Forqué was also very popular on television thanks to his roles in series like Ramón y Cajal (1982), The Garden of Venus (1983), Broken plates (1988), Eve and Adam, marriage agency (1990-1991) and Pepa and Pepe (nineteen ninety five). He would also participate in the series The one that looms, playing a mayor.

Likewise, Forqué has defended on the tables texts of Federico García Lorca, Valle-Inclán, Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, Willy Russell, José Sanchis Sinesterra or Miguel Mihura. Among others, he has participated in theatrical titles such as Divine words, Shirley Valentine, The dream of a nigth of summer, Doña Rosita the single, The glass zoo The Ay, Carmela !.

Even directed the assembly of the work Adulterios, the Woody Allen and 2009.

In 2020 she served as godmother of the Cinema Days program, where They gave him a very long interview in which he reviewed his life and his career. Additionally, the show gave her the award for a lifetime of career at its 2021 gala.

Full interview with Verónica Forqué

His last television appearance was on the show Masterchef, which he left due to a depression. “The truth is, I’m regular. I need to rest (…) I have to be consistent and I try to be. And humble. And if I can’t take it anymore, I can’t take it anymore. My body and the universe were telling me ‘you have to stop'”, he explained before hanging up the apron and quitting the program.

As for her personal life, in 1980 she had an affair with him too actor Joaquin Kremel. In 1981 she married the film director Manuel Iborra, whom he divorced in 2014. They had a daughter in common, María Clara Iborra Forqué.

Verónica Forqué with her daughter, María Forqué GTRES


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