Venezuela rejects the British judicial decision because it “prevents” it from recovering its international reserves

He accuses the Supreme of the United Kingdom of being “subordinate to the mandate” of the Executive, thus going against the separation of powers


The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has criticized that the Justice of the United Kingdom “prevents” it from recovering international reserves after this Monday it issued a pronouncement in which it left it up to a lower body to determine the future of said reserves.

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom considers that the opponent Juan Guaidó has the “clear and unequivocal recognition” by London as president of the South American country, which opens the door for him to manage the 31 tons of gold in the hands of the Bank of England – estimated at more than $ 1 billion.

Thus, the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry has transferred its rejection to the position of the British Supreme Court, whom it has accused of being “subordinate” to the Executive’s opinions, “exposing the lack of separation of powers” in the country.

“The Supreme Court of Justice of the United Kingdom has been subordinated to the mandate of the British Executive, evidencing the lack of separation of powers, impartiality and, above all, independent action of this body of Justice,” the Ministry denounced in a statement.

Thus, from Caracas they have lamented the attack that this supposes on International Law, the Venezuelan constitutional order and even on the British institutions and authorities themselves, since it sends a message that the United Kingdom “resorts to fraud to illegally seize the resources that were allocated to it. confident “.

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On the other hand, he has accused the Government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson of taking advantage of a “fraudulent political setup” that has had the “complicity” of “extremist factors in Venezuelan politics, led by the impostor Juan Guaidó” with the objective of “stealing” the gold of the Venezuelans.

“In Venezuela there is, by mandate of popular sovereignty through universal vote, a single constitutional government, whose Head of State and Government is President Nicolás Maduro,” the Foreign Ministry has defended, alluding to the recognition of Guaidó as president. by the British Justice.

“In this surprising and irrational judicial decision, the Supreme Court of Justice subordinates itself to an illicit act of the foreign policy of its Crown, reminiscent of absolutism, deliberately exercised by the British Executive, openly violating the fundamental principles of the rule of international law, its own internal and international legislation, “the Maduro government statement added.

Finally, from Caracas they have recalled that the reserves are internationally protected by an immunity of this type of assets, and the Government has warned that “it will continue to exercise all the resources at its disposal in the defense of the patrimony that is part of its international reserves. “.

Previously, Guaidó has celebrated the decision of the British Supreme Court that at least keeps gold “protected” in the Bank of England. “The dictatorship will not be able to loot it as it did with the public funds generated by this humanitarian emergency,” wrote the opposition leader on Twitter, who proclaimed himself ‘president in charge’ in January 2019 after the controversial 2018 elections.

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