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Juan Guaidó during a meeting with journalists in Caracas.
Juan Guaidó during a meeting with journalists in Caracas.LEONARDO FERNANDEZ VILORIA (Reuters)

After three years preaching insurrections, invasions and strategic appeasements in Instagram format, today we know that Juan Guaidó does not have what the Vienna tribe calls “superego”.

It was Vladimir Nabokov who named psychoanalysts of the Freudian strain. I clarify it so as not to contribute more to the confusion that the monitoring of the ups and downs of the Venezuelan opposition holds.

He said, then, that Guaidó does not have a superego that contains it and gives him time to examine and question the messages sent by the retreat telepath: Guaidó is pure spokesperson, Leopoldo López’s voice-over automatism. At least it has been during this last season that the biographers of the top leader of Voluntad Popular will certainly be able to call “the Madrid years”.

Do not think, however, that Guaidó’s role is limited to mechanically propagating the abracadabra of the Anointed. An important part of your job is to support and process adverse reactions in real time and, of course, improvise responses to the boat early, at the speed of Twitter. Without abusing the privilege in which his mentor has him, of course.

Without taking liberties, without unconsultingly putting words in the mouth of the boss, cultivating the cautious tone, the proverbial and prophetic formulas of Latin American politicians when they want to pass as statesmen.

The latter is extremely challenging because no guided tour of the White House, especially if the guide is Donald Trump, can supply the gift of oratory that, in times gone by, was the infused science of the great leaders of our America. Especially if it imposes the restriction on you to say all the essential of what has been transmitted to you in the time frame offered by a Tiktok clip.

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Much more difficult still is to sound judgments and instructions on regional elections – it is just an example – as if they were your thing, serve them in your own words, even if you only have 120 words of Basic Spanish that you can call your own.

To be fair, the work of speaking on behalf of the cause that Guaidó is championing and of which he has been a media champion for almost as many years as the pandemic lasts, would be more approachable if the interim president knew for sure what the cause is about. that flag.

What is all this about, how on earth did we go from a flourishing of town councils in every plaza in Venezuela to a rock concert in Cúcuta to a spectral invasion of mercenaries to a deceitful regional elections?

The embezzlement of the government’s petrochemical plant headed by Guaidó only deserved exculpatory gibberish and the reluctant announcement of an investigation that has not yet found responsible. Better not to investigate anything, better not to expose the corruption of the Government of National Salvation after the shocking revelations that the Armando portals have made about the case.Info and the Empty chair. The electorate could be disenchanted.

The devastating result of the regional elections, which has just won abstention by beating, does not seem to worry the Commissioner either. All your attention and communication effort is focused on ensuring that no one is distracted when doing the post mortem of the opposition or dissipate in the futility of a recall referendum against Maduro.

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Its delegates at the negotiating table in Mexico could not have been more unscrupulous with the fate of three hundred political prisoners, six million displaced people and the absolute orphan in which our population has suffered from the pandemic. Its only mission is to agree on the advancement of the presidential elections.

What to wait for 2024, argues Guaidó, if next year we could elect Leopoldo López president? Wouldn’t that be the solution to all our ills? Wouldn’t that be bliss? If only people weren’t so disbelieving, if they had even a little bit of faith! What nonsense anti-politics, how irresponsible and pre-modern abstentionists are!

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