Vegan vows to boycott Subway for ‘mocking Veganuary’ with ‘Steakuary’ flyers


Vegan activist Jamie Carter vowed to botcott Subway, after the chain sent out flyers encouraging people to follow ‘Steakuary’ and ‘Turkeyuary’, as well as Veganuary.

Jamie has been a vegan for two years and a vegetarian for 18 before that.
Jamie has been a vegan for two years and a vegetarian for 18 before that.

A vegan has vowed never to set foot in a Subway again, after the sandwich chain sent out “demeaning” flyers that allegedly mocked Venganuary, suggesting customers indulge in alternatives like “Steakuary” and “Turkeyuary.”

Furious, Jamie Carter had the brochure delivered to his door earlier in the month, announcing a range of suitable suboptions for Veganuary, Tunauary, ChickenTeriyakiuary and BMTuary, and other meaty month names.

“I’m not happy, I was disappointed. I thought I’d like a Subway so I went to see if they had any offers in the brochure. I flipped it over and to my dismay I felt Veganuary was being mocked.” Jamie, from Norwich, said.

“I’ve never seen any company, let alone one this big, make fun of Veganuary. They include so many meats like ‘Steakuary’ or ‘Turkeybreastuary’ that it was just a marketing opportunity for them.

Now he has promised to boycott Subway.


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“I would rather they just promoted Veganuary, there was no need to add all the other terms. This should be a time to promote a more ethical option. I was quite dumbfounded. I have never seen any other wording like that. I will happily boycott them now.”

The 27-year-old, who has been a vegan for two years and was previously a vegetarian for 18 years, took to Facebook to vent about the “absolute p***take pamphlet” to his followers, who called it “pathetic” and “Fucking vile.”

“Subway UK & Ireland is very disappointed that you are making fun of Veganuary,” he wrote.

“Publishing a brochure that promotes people eating what they want instead of promoting a compassionate cruelty-free option. SHAMEFUL.”

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Now, the animal rights activist has vowed to boycott Subway despite having “at least 10” within walking distance of his home, as he feels the chain has “defeated his efforts” to support plant-based eating. .

Jamie said: “This is a month where it really should go without saying that there are other tasty options out there. I posted it online to see if anyone else had the same feelings as me, and a lot of people do.”

“That was my first time going directly to a big company and I still haven’t heard back from them. It’s a brochure with six coupons inside, only one of which is for their plant-based section. The rest apply to any of their meat or dairy products.

“Other than the post, people have been contacting me [privately]. The general consensus is that people are not happy. I usually talk to like-minded people and they think it’s demeaning to the cause.

“I thought [Subway] they had taken a step in the right direction by introducing plant-based options and now they’ve turned 180. It’s like they’ve undone their efforts so far.”

After posting online, Jamie received a series of responses from indifferent followers who agreed that it was not the best move for the sandwich chain.

“Pathetic. I wouldn’t go there anyway,” wrote one, while another added: “Fucking vile to use the word Veganuary and [to] adding ‘fleshanuary’ meat is literally taking the p***. I’m glad I’m not a regular here.”

“This sign is not funny,” wrote a third, while a fourth commented: “You can stuff it! I’ll make my own rolls and much cheaper too.”

Subway has been contacted for comment.

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