US believes Russia could use fake video to attack Ukraine

The United States has reiterated this Thursday its accusations against Russia of trying to invent a pretext to attack Ukraine, but it has gone further and has assured that Moscow could produce a propaganda video to justify his attack.

“They could produce a graphic propaganda video, with corpses and actors who would pretend to be people in mourning.with images of destroyed areas, as well as military equipment in the hands of Ukraine or the West,” Department of Defense spokesman John Kirby told a news conference on Thursday.

In that sense, these weapons could be represented in such a way that they appear to have been supplied by the West to Ukraine, according to the Pentagon spokesman.

Kirby has reiterated that the United States has information about Moscow’s attempts to fabricate a pretext to invade Ukraine. “One option is that the Russian government plans to fake a false attack by the Ukrainian armed forces or intelligence against sovereign Russian territory or against Russian-speakers to justify its actions,” he said.

These comments come just one day after Joe Biden decided to send 3,000 US soldiers to allied countries in Eastern Europe due to the mobilization of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.

Putin talks to Macron about the latest developments

Russia has urged the United States on Thursday not to aggravate tensions and has stressed that it will take measures in the face of Washington’s plans to send an additional military contingent to Eastern Europe due to the situation around Ukraine.

“We permanently call on our American counterpart to stop aggravating tension on the European continent. But, unfortunately, the Americans continue to do so,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said at his daily press conference.

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Pekox has stressed that “now it is not just about provocative statements that there will be a war soon and that everyone will pay a terrible price, but about the sending of American soldiers to European countries” along the borders of Russia.

For his part, last Tuesday Vladimir Putin spoke for the first time about the escalation of tension that is being experienced. During his appearance, he stated that the United States and NATO have ignored Russian requests on security matters, after they rejected Russian demands to limit the accession of countries, including Ukraine, to NATO.

The Russian president has spoken this Thursday with the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, to whom he has transferred that the actions of Kiev “are a provocation.”

NATO notes that the mobilization of Russian troops is the largest since the Cold War

Besides, andThis Thursday NATO has stated that the mobilization of Russian troops is the largest in the last 60 yearssince the Cold War.

Despite the large mobilization of Russian troops on the border, the United States has already stopped talking about an “imminent” invasion and Kirby acknowledged on Wednesday that he does not believe that Russia “has made the decision to invade Ukraine.”

Along the same lines, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed that Joe Biden’s government has decided to stop describing a possible invasion as “imminent.”

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