Urkullu’s appearance to announce extraordinary measures for coronavirus




The Lehendakari has admitted that the situation “is serious”, that “we have not experienced the worst,” with which he has asked the effort of the whole of society.


The Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu

The Basque Government has decreed the status “of health alert or emergency“in the CAV due to the coronavirus, which allows the adoption of exceptional measures such as the confinement of people in their homes and the restriction of access to” places of danger. “

The Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has announced this measure in a press appearance called after a Extraordinary meeting of the Basque Government Council.

Urkullu has admitted that the situation is “grave”, that “we have not gone through the worst”, with which he has asked the “effort of individuals, families and companies”, and especially of “health workers”.

Urkullu has signed a decree in which it assumes, as established in that legislation, the “unique address and civil protection response to this emergency “, in which he will be assisted by an advisory committee.

In an intervention without the presence of journalists, who had to pose their questions to the Lehendakari electronically, the Lehendakari referred to the repercussions that the ‘Declaration of Health Alert or Emergency’ and the activation of the ‘Civil Protection Plan’ may have, which has also been agreed this Friday.

In this sense, he recalled article 8 of the Emergency Management Law of the Basque Country opens the door to the possibility of applying measures “that affect citizens’ rights in the terms established by the laws, as well as adopting mandatory measures for its recipients “.

All these measures, as stated in the law, and as Urkullu himself has recalled, will have a validity “strictly limited to the time necessary to face the emergency, they must be provided to the entity at risk and will not give the right to any compensation “.

For his part, the deputy general of Álava, Ramiro Gonzalez, has activated the Emergency Plan for the Historical Territory of Álava (PETHA), making the resources of the Provincial Council of Álava available to the decisions made by the Basque Government, after the Lehendakari has declared the health emergency.

“I have made this determination after the decision communicated by the Lehendakari and in coordination with him, with the aim of offering a coordinated and effective response to the situation in which we find ourselves,” explained the deputy general of Álava, Ramiro González in a release.

5A elections

Regarding the elections, Urkullu has affirmed that it is “important” that the political parties have a “criterion and be as consensual as possible” regarding the measures to be adopted on the election day of April 5. In this sense, he stressed that the decision to be made will be made “by mutual agreement” with the institutions that are “affected”.

After recalling that he has summoned the Basque political leaders for this coming Monday, the 16th, with the aim of analyzing the situation, he has warned that in the legal system there is “a gap in the scope of the Spanish State” regarding how to act in what refers to the electoral process.

“We are with the intention of listening, analyzing the measures if it is in our hands. In any case, if it corresponds to me, I intend to do it in common agreement and coordination with the affected institutions, the electoral boards or the institutions that may be involved” He maintained, to add that for this “it is important that the political parties have a criterion and be as consensual as possible.”

Nine people cured

On the other hand, the Lehendakari has stated that 9 people have been cured since the first cases were detected. In the CAV there are 417 infected and 14 deceased.

The Basque Government also adopted yesterday the decision to close the educational centers with what, as of today, around half a million students are without classes.

Follow the recommendationss in the face of the coronavirus from the health authorities. In the face of fake news, pay attention only to official sources. If you have doubts or have symptoms after having traveled to an area where the disease is transmitted, you can call the telephone number of the Health Council: 900 20 30 50 (CAV)  y 948 290 290 (Navarre). Remember, the most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is hand washing; The masks are only recommended if you have symptoms or have contact with the elderly or immunosuppressed.


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