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Strike in Bizkaia

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The representatives of the unions present inside the chamber have been evicted after displaying banners and shouting “Urkullu and Cebek are the same”.


Protest in the Basque Parliament

The Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, has denied having positioned themselves in favor of businessmen in this conflict and has demanded from the Metal unions in Bizkaia and from the bosses dialogue and “true” and “authentic” will to agree.

Urkullu has responded like this in the plenary session of this Friday to the criticisms of both the EH Bildu parliamentarian Iker Casanova as from Elkarrekin we can Jon Hernandez, who have condemned and described as “unpresentable” the position that in their opinion made the lehendakari in favor of the employers during a conference on September 30 in the framework of the week of strike in demand for a sectoral agreement called by ELA, CCOO, LAB and UGT.

That day Urkullu regretted that there was no “will to agree” on the part of the Bizkaia Metal unions, and was sure that the employers had done everything possible to avoid it.

The Lehendakari has remarked that was limited to “verifying” a reality, that during the negotiating process the employer presented nine proposals in front of one of the unions and that this does not mean taking a position, or establishing who is right. “I did not say who is right and who is not,” he stressed.

Urkullu has called on both parliamentarians to take into account everything he said at this conference and not to misrepresent while saying that it is “unpresentable” to convey to public opinion something that he did not say.

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Has shown their solidarity with the workers and he has affirmed that they do not have to give up job security and a living wage.

Metal Unions

For their part, representatives of the unions have been present inside the hemicycle when these two questions were asked to the Lehendakari and at the end they exhibited some banners that read in Basque “Urkullu, when in favor of the workers?” They have also uttered cries such as “Urkullu and Cebek are the same”. Finally they have been evicted by the security services of the Chamber.

Once outside the hemicycle, the union representatives have opined that the Lehendakari “has turned his back” on this group during his intervention in the plenary session.

“We have been able to see that their position continues to be that of telling the bosses’ version, which means that they are turning their backs on the metal workers,” he said.

The Lehendakari “only listens to one party” and “is interested in knowing the version of one party because he is only with the bosses and the economic power.”

“With the unions, no one from the Basque Government has wanted to be there to listen to our demands,” he has settled.


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