Urgent plenary session to defend the investiture of Puigdemont March 28, 2018



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The urgent plenary session, proposed by JxCat, ERC and the CUP, aims to vindicate the figure of Carles Puigdemont, as well as the political rights of the deputies imprisoned or in “exile.”

The urgent plenary session proposed by Together for Catalonia (JxCat), ERC and the CUP to vindicate the figure of Carles Puigdemont and defend his “right” to be invested president, as well as the “political rights” of the deputies imprisoned or in “exile”, will be held today, Wednesday, starting at 10:00 hours.

This was confirmed by parliamentary sources, a day after the arrest of Puigdemont and after the failed investiture in the first vote of Jordi Turull last Thursday.

The urgent plenary session will last all day, since in the morning the groups will defend various proposals for resolutions, including that of the independence bloc on the investiture of Puigdemont, and in the afternoon the Ombudsman, Rafael Ribó, to present a report on the police charges of the October 1 referendum.

JxCat, ERC and the CUP had requested an extraordinary plenary session this week to approve two joint proposals for resolutions, so that the plenary session of the Parliament commits to taking “all the necessary measures to guarantee” that President Puigdemont can be invested in Parliament.

The initiatives, registered this Monday, request the same measures to guarantee the parliamentary rights and the investiture of the current candidate for the investiture, Jordi Turull, and the former candidate and former deputy Jordi Sànchez.

In addition, the joint proposals of the independence bloc demand the “immediate release” of all sovereign prisoners.

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The proposals of the pro-independence groups will be defended and voted in block

These proposals will be defended and voted on en bloc at the request of the pro-independence groups, while the rest of the initiatives that the opposition may present will be voted on separately.

For example, him PSC will defend a proposed resolution in favor of dialogue and compliance with the law, and the ‘common’ another that also calls for dialogue and “denouncing the preventive detention” of the jailed deputies, while the PP you have chosen not to register any of your own proposals.

Cs He also presented a resolution proposal for this urgent plenary session with the objective that the Chamber request the resignation of the president of the Parliament, Roger Torrent, for exercising his position “in a biased manner” in favor of the pro-independence parties.

Puigdemont, from prison

President Carles Puigdemont has made an appeal this Tuesday to the unity of sovereignty and has warned: “I do not give up. Despite adversity, I will not lose heart in defending my ideals.”

He has said it through a message on his Instagram account collected by Europa Press, where he added: “From here I call for the unity of sovereignty, this will be a long fight but it will end well.”

Puigdemont, detained in the German Neumünster prison, also appreciates the support he is receiving “in Catalonia, in Europe, by letter, on social media and also peacefully on the street.”


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