Upset and embarrassed mum amazed by man’s random act of kindness in petrol station

Mollie Mae, from Grimsby, had been unable to pay a £30 petrol bill when a kind stranger intervened to help her, even going so far as buying her little boy a chocolate bar – now she’s desperate to find him

Mollie went to the Jet garage on Grimsby Road when a stranger paid for her fuel in an act of kindness

A young mum is desperate to track down a kind man who stepped in to pay for her fuel when she had problems with her bank card.

Mollie Mae, from Grimsby, had been about to pay £30 for fuel at a Jet garage on Tuesday when her card was declined.

A distressed and overwhelmed Mollie, accompanied by her son Arthur, said the situation left her feeling upset and embarrassed.

The 22-year-old even gave staff her phone to assure them she wouldn’t run off while she tried to find a solution to the problem.

But thankfully, a kind stranger intervened and paid the bill for her. Now she is hoping to find him so she can say thank you, Grimsby Live reports.

The man took her back inside the petrol station and offered to pay for the fuel, and even bought her little boy a chocolate bar, leaving her feeling like a “weight had been lifted off her shoulders.”

The panicked mum handed her phone over to staff so they wouldn’t think she might run away


GrimsbyLive/Donna Clifford)

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She said: “I was so upset, I couldn’t believe my card wasn’t working. I was embarrassed and was panicking.

“I gave my phone to the counter staff because I didn’t want them to think I was going to run off.

“I was mortified of the thought of having to leave my phone for the sake of £30 fuel.

“I had no clue how I was going to handle the situation until the lovely man approached me.

“At first I wasn’t sure why he was approaching me but he did something amazing.”

Mollie is seeking help in tracking down the stranger so she can tell him how thankful she is for what he did


Molly Mae)

She added: “I felt a weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I didn’t have to panic about what I was going to do in order to pay for my fuel.

“He took me back inside to the assistant and asked him to ‘pass the young lady her phone, I’m going to pay for her fuel’.

“Not only did he do this, but he also bought a chocolate bar for my little boy.

“The embarrassment and sadness was gone in a moment but at the same time, I was so taken back I couldn’t quite get my head around the situation.

“I instantly felt better and came to the realization that someone really had just seen my struggle and helped where they could.

“It made me smile and I was just so grateful and taken back that there are still some lovely caring people out there.

“Those with dignity and humanity.”

She continued: “I would like to express my wholehearted gratitude to him and how wonderful and kind he is.

“He came to my aid in my time of need, I’d love to thank him for coming to my rescue.

“It reinstates my belief that there are still great people out there who would do a wonderful sincere gesture to someone in need of help at a critical time.

“I think he’s just witnessed the whole situation of seeing a young lady with her little boy.

“And probably at some point in his life he has also been the person in front struggling.

“I would like to think he understands how it feels to be the other person and knowing himself he was in a position to help that’s why he did what he did.

“He must have been in a position to help otherwise why would he? Why me?

“Or maybe he just felt sorry for me, times are hard for everyone at the moment and some people are just in slightly better positions in life than others.”

She says he looked as though he was in his 40s and was quite tall but didn’t get any other information as she was “quite emotional”.

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