UPN will expel the two deputies who voted against if they do not deliver their minutes

The UPN Executive Committee has agreed this Friday to formally ask its deputies Sergio Sayas and Carlos García Adanero to deliver their minutes. On the contrary, initiate the necessary procedures for their expulsion of the party in the face of “serious indiscipline and serious damage to the image and respectability” of the formation, after they will vote ‘no’ to the validation of the labor reform, against the guidelines of the party leadership.

In a statement approved at the meeting held at the UPN headquarters, the Executive Committee considered that “the seriousness of the attitude of the two UPN deputies in the Congress of Deputies, not only because of their lack of discipline, but also for the concealment of his final vote to voters, members, positions, executive and leadership of the party, all this, in addition, with premeditation, has caused damage of incalculable consequences and repercussion, both in the party itself and in its leaders, something that has put in check our credibility and reliability”.

“The value of the given word has always accompanied UPN since its inception and is our hallmark,” the text continues, adding that “all this forces us to be forceful in defense of the interest and respect of our party and our voters.

Esparza: “They don’t represent UPN”

This Friday morning, the president of the formation, Javier Esparza, had stated that they would see “legally, based on the statutes, what we can do, but obviously I think they do not represent UPN and they cannot continue in UPN”.

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For his part, Sergio Sayas has affirmed that neither he nor his colleague Carlos García Adanero are going to deliver their minutes to Congress because he considers that they have not breached either the UPN Statute or party discipline. In his opinion, “It is not that the president decides and the positions complybut after a debate the decision is shared in the corresponding body”.

Sayas denies pressure from the PP to vote against the labor reform and rules out leaving the deputy act

Carlos García Adanero has considered that “one cannot speak of ‘tamayazo’ or transfuguismo” and has affirmed that your vote is “pure and hard consistency”. “I have given my life for this game and now they call me a traitor for pleasing someone seems a shame,” he told the media.

Upon his departure from the party Executive, he stated that both he and Sayas “are UPN deputies until the party’s authorized bodies tell us otherwise” and acknowledged that the meeting took place in a “complicated” environmentin the end these things are not pleasant, but well, we have already been, we have said what we had to say, they have said what they had to say”.

Upon leaving the meeting, Adanero himself did not want to evaluate what was discussed, although he admitted to the journalists that he has been the only one member of the UPN Executive who has voted against of what was decided in this body, made up of 16 people elected at the party congress and eight other ex officio members.

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The decision will be debated on Saturday by the Political Council of UPN, a body made up of 232 representativesand of which the two deputies now involved in the case are part.


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