UPN ratifies the agreement to request the record from the unruly deputies or initiate their expulsion

The UPN Political Council has agreed with 80% of the votes in favor to ratify the resolution of the Executive Committee of the party, which on Friday agreed ask deputies Sergio Sayas and Carlos Adanero to deliver their minutes or, otherwise, initiate the procedure for his expulsion from the party.

A decision adopted due to “serious indiscipline and serious damage to the image and respectability of UPN”, after both deputies will vote against the validation of the labor reform, contravening the directives of the party leadership. In addition, the UPN guarantee and discipline committee has opened a file on its two parliamentarians.

The decision of the Political Council, adopted in an extraordinary meeting, has had 80.62% of votes in favor, 15% against, 3.75% blank and 0.62% invalid vote. The Political Council of UPN, the highest body between congresses, is made up of 232 representatives, including the two UPN deputies in the Congress of Deputies: if they were expelled, the Navarrese party would be left without representation in the Carrera de San Jerónimo.

Sayas and Adanero reaffirm their position

Upon arrival at the Navarra Arena pavilion, where the meeting was held, Sergio Sayas has been “very sure” that what they did he and his partner Carlos García Adanero, although he has pointed out that “I will speak first inside”.

Sayas has acknowledged that it is “a very difficult day without a doubt, they have been in this game for 22 years” and has insisted that he is “very convinced” of the decision they made and “I am precisely here to explain it”, he concluded.

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For his part, Carlos García Adanero has summoned to wait “Let’s see what the Disciplinary Committee says, so that we can defend ourselves and then decide what has to be decided”.

Adanero has shown his desire that the law firm created by the late founder of UPN “collaborate” in his defense, Jesus Aizpun, which “I think is the best I can do”, he indicated.

The unexpected ‘no’ to the labor reform opens a crisis at UPN: “The entire party leadership has been lied to”

The “least bad” solution

The president of UPN, Javier EsparzaHe has declined to comment. Yes, the former president of UPN and the Government of Navarra has spoken, Miguel Sanz, who has trusted that the Political Council will ratify this Saturday the resolution of the Executive of the party and has indicated that it is necessary to look for the “least bad” solution.

In statements to the media, Miguel Sanz stated that he faces the day “normally, what we have to say we already said yesterday and today will be, I imagine, the ratification of the document that the Executive approved yesterday”. He has also specified that it will be the party’s disciplinary committee “who will say in the end what the resolution may be”.

Asked if the Executive’s decision is the best solution, Miguel Sanz replied “it is not a matter of knowing what the best solution is, all solutions are bad, now we have to find the least bad”. Likewise, he has affirmed that “of course” that the UPN statutes allow the position of the Executive, “I don’t think we are here breaking the statutes us”.

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