Uplifting moment little Hope leaves hospital for Christmas after ‘battling cruel disease’

23-months-old Hope Kedziorski is a symbol of Hope as she beats cancer to enjoy Christmas after enduring a series of bone marrow ops and received blood transfusions and chemotherapy

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A little girl called Hope is home for Christmas after ringing the bell to mark the end of her cancer treatment.

Hope Kedziorski, who is just 23-months-old, was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called myelodysplasia in October last year.

Since then the brave toddler has endured a series of bone marrow ops and received blood transfusions and chemotherapy. The youngster also contracted sepsis.

But as she sat at home beneath the fairy lights, wearing her bright red festive jumper alongside her cuddly toy reindeer, her proud mum Kirstie Wilkie, 38, said: “This Christmas is going to be extra special.”

Hope Kedziorski leaves the hospital with mum Kirstie Wilkie


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Together with Hope’s dad Tomasz Kedziorski, 38, she spent months at her daughter’s hospital bedside.

She said: “This summer has been beyond tough as we have watched our little girl battle this cruel disease.

“But despite being poorly, Hope took it in her stride and she was still happy all of the time.”

The couple had been alerted by a rash on their baby daughter’s neck.

Tree-mendous news as little Hope enjoys the run-up to Christmas at home


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The adorable moment the toddler rang the end of cancer treatment bell


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Kirstie said: “The rash was on her neck for four weeks until she underwent further blood tests which set off alarm bells as her platelets were low.

“She had a bone marrow biopsy which revealed she had blood cancer.”

But because of her tender age chemotherapy could not start immediately.

“The side effects of chemotherapy can be life-threatening and for babies so young this risk is even higher which is why we had to wait until April.

Staff were delighted to see Hope ring the bell


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“We spent every day by her side in the hospital and we went home for a week here and there.

“The scariest moment was when she had sepsis as her oxygen levels dramatically dropped.

“The whole summer was terrifying but Hope continued to amaze us.

“She had a total of six bone marrow biopsies and three central lines fitted and removed.

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“And 19 blood and platelet transfusions yet she would still get up every day with a smile on her face and play.

“Our end goal was to ring that bell as we knew the nightmare would finally be over.”

Hope, who has Down’s syndrome, was finally able to ring the bell at the Royal Hospital for Children and Young People in Edinburgh in October.

And now the family from South Queensferry, Scotland, are looking forward to a fabulous Christmas.

Kirsty, an HR advisor, added: “Last Christmas was tainted because we knew it wasn’t long until she was going to start treatment.

“We were apprehensive and scared in case we were going to lose our little girl to cancer or the side effects of chemotherapy.

“We are in a much better place this year. She has beaten her cancer and we have a nice future to look forward to.”

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