UP removes the flag of the Sahara in Congress against the Government


deputies of United We Can they have deployed flags of western sahara at Congress in protest at the shift in the position of the Government of which they are part during a plenary session on maternity and paternity, a gesture that has caused the corresponding wake up call of the president of the Chamber, the socialist Meritxell Batet. The Minister for Equality, Irene Monterohas not carried any flag but has applauded the speech of his formation against the support that the Government of Spain has shown to the Moroccan plan for the autonomy of the Sahara.

In her speech in the debate on a PP bill on the extension of maternity or paternity leave in single-parent families, the deputy spokesperson for United We Can in Congress, sofia castanonwanted to show the support of the confederal group to the representatives of the Saharawi people (among them the delegate of the Polisario Front for Spain, Abeulah Arabique) who were in the guest gallery of the hemicycle.

“I want to transfer the United We Can’s firm commitment to Western Sahara because it is a matter of historical responsibility, coherence and memory”, Castañón stated to the applause of his colleagues in the confederal group.

The Asturian deputy has highlighted that until 47 years ago there were representatives of the Saharawi people in Congress whom, as he pointed out, they were left “to owe” the “fair” process of decolonization “that only 17 territories around the world have not seen compliance.”

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“Our responsibility and shame”

“One of them is our responsibility and it is our shame,” Castaón stressed, emphasizing the defense that United We Can make to the “legitimate” right of the Saharawi people to a referendum for their self-determination recognized by the United Nations.

And he has concluded his mention of the Sahara by quoting a few words from a Saharan poet who from exile continues to write in Spanish as a reminder of that Spanish past: “Tell them that the land is not theirs, tell them that the people are not theirs and tell them that stones need to be free.”

after his words, the parliamentarians of United We Can have displayed various Saharawi flags and fabrics that have forced the president of Congress to intervene to ask them to collect them.

Huntsman and the president of the United We Can group, James Asensthey have not carried flags but yes They applauded Castañón’s speech and the Saharawi representatives present. And it is that the discomfort in the ‘purple’ part of the Government, which did not know about the change of position in the Executive until the King of Morocco announced it, has been expressed on several occasions by the second vice president, Yolanda Diaz, who called Pedro Sánchez “incoherent” and charged against the “enormous opacity” of the Prime Minister.

And, at the end of Castañón’s speech, Batet did not hesitate to remind the honorable Members that in the hemicycle “arguments are exhibited” and that freedom of expression is manifested “with the use of the word.” “I would appreciate it if you refrain from displaying symbols, posters or other objects,” she concluded.

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In the speaking time of the deputy of Vox Macarena Olonawho has gone up to the rostrum dressed in a military jacket that read “Everything for the country”, has ironically pointed to a We can “very revolutionary displaying their flags” and has urged them to bring down the executive. “Who was a member of the Government of Spain to be able to resign and bring down the Government that has unilaterally modified Spain’s position on Western Sahara”, she pointed out.

Posters in favor of “Free Sahara” also in the Senate

Also in the Senate there have been proclamations and posters against the position of the Executive. Senator from Commitment Carles Mulet and several of his companions from the group of the Confederate Left have exhibited in the plenary session of the Upper House posters in favor of a “Free Sahara” after the Valencian parliamentarian branded “traitor” to the Prime Minister for supporting Morocco.

Compromís senators show ‘Free Sahara’ posters in the government control session

Mulet has taken advantage of a question in the control session on the rise in prices addressed to the first vice president, Nadia Calviño. “Algeria is going to answer forcefully, we imagineto the betrayal of Sánchez and the PSOE”.

Thus, he has blurted out that “who betrays his government partners, who betrays his investiture partnerswho betrays his electorate, who betrays his electoral program, who betrays international legality and international resolutions and its own promises, it can only have one name”. And it has conclusively concluded: “We understand that a traitor cannot be president of the Spanish state and that’s why we don’t invest him”.

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He has continued accusing Pedro Sánchez of having become “hostage” of the “Moroccan regime” and the Government of “paying homage” to the King of Morocco Mohamed VI instead of “attending to Spanish families and industries”, so he has asked him to return to “international legality” and “the dictates of the UN”.

At the end of his question, Mulet has proclaimed “Today, tomorrow and always despite the PSOE, free Sahara”, and at that time it has exhibited a poster with the Saharawi flag and the expression “Free Sahara”.

The same as they have shown other senators such as Vicenç Vidal (Més per Mallorca), Koldo Martínez (Geroa Bai) and Pilar González (Adelante Andalucía), while Pablo Perpinyà (Más Madrid), has shown a flag of the SADR (Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic).

In answering your question, Calviño has been surprised to have mixed “things that have nothing to do with”while he has assured that he does not share “at all” many of his statements against a “responsible” government that, he has emphasized, “defends the general interest.”


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