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John F. Kennedy during the tour in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963 before he was assassinated.
John F. Kennedy during the tour in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963 before he was assassinated.Bettmann (Getty Images)

For almost 60 years, whoever does the survey, the result that is always achieved is the same: the vast majority of Americans still do not believe that John F. Kennedy was killed by a single person. A small minority agree with the official conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald shot the Democrat. If there is a case that gives for conspiracy theories, that is the assassination of one of the best-known presidents in the history of the United States. Researchers, journalists, historians, filmmakers – it was Oliver Stone in 1991 who with JFK: case open, opened the eyes of many of his compatriots – they all seek the famous smoking gun (smoking gun) that reveals who assassinated Kennedy, be it the CIA, the FBI, the Soviets, the mafia, the anti-Castro people or any enemy of a president who seemed to want to change the world.

As happens from time to time, when the deadline expires and secret documents kept under lock and key must be made public in the name of national security, the expectation of what the files may throw up is paramount. When it comes to the murder that marked a generation, the hope of knowing the truth, with capital letters, is stratospheric. This Wednesday the day, month and year had arrived for the National Archives to lift the official secret that weighed on 1,491 documents related to the death of the former president in Dallas (Texas), in 1963.

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And yet, as Jefferson Morley, editor of JFKFacts.org and former editor of the newspaper, explains on his Twitter account The Washington Post, nothing transcendent seems to be confessed. For this journalist, with more than 30 years of investigation into the assassination under his belt, the most remarkable thing is the announcement of a plan to digitize the collection of records on the murder.

What the newly declassified documents do prove is that both the CIA and the FBI opened the wide angle to find out if Oswald conspired with others in the November 22 murder that shocked the world. Documents show they hunted down countless leads, from Soviet espionage to African communist groups and the Italian mafia. They also give an account of the enormous efforts of the United States to spy on and influence the communist government of Fidel Castro, of which Oswald was a sympathizer of communism, and which was used by Cuba or the Soviet Union.

By a law of the Congress of the year 1992, the reports on the assassination of JFK should have been made public in 25 years, that is to say, in 2017. But as the one who makes the law cheats, the regulations were engineered to impose postponements if he believed there were national security concerns. That was what happened in 2017, when Trump, after announcing that he would make the records public, had to back down and announce that they were still top secret for the ordinary citizen.

Among the most important documents not released this Wednesday, according to Morley, are the tapes of interviews that historian William Manchester conducted with Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of the late president, and her brother Robert F. Kennedy in 1964 and 1965. “Not Jackie neither RFK believed the official theory that Kennedy was assassinated by a single man for no reason, “Morley said. “Privately, they both said that JFK was assassinated by his internal enemies. That is what is in these tapes and that is why they are not publishable ”.

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All the files related to this case should have been published last October. However, President Joe Biden postponed the release, in this case due to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus. Biden announced that, finally, the secret would be lifted in two stages. A first batch this Wednesday and the rest just a year from now, on December 15, 2022, after they underwent “an intensive one-year review.”

According to the France Presse news agency, Philip Shenon, an expert in the Kennedy assassination file, wrote in an article published in the US media Politico this Wednesday there are probably documents that will never be released for security reasons. “As long as the government continues to keep some hidden documents, it will only further promote the idea that the sinister conspiracies about Kennedy’s death may have merit,” he warned.

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