Unions mobilize in Hego Euskal Herria for decent work and pensions


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The unions ELA, LAB, ESK, Steilas, Etxalde, Hiru, CGT and CNT have called to continue activating the struggles and mobilization in the street.


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The unions ELA, LAB, ESK, Steilas, Etxalde, Hiru, CGT and CNT have mobilized this Wednesday in Euskadi to claim a “decent job, pensions and living conditions” and they have called to continue activating the struggles and mobilization in the street.

Within the framework of this day of protest, the Secretary General of ELA, Fake Lakuntza, has defended “strengthening the mobilization” and, after asking EH Bildu and PNV to oppose pension reform, has demanded that the Basque left do not support Basque Accounts by 2022. For her part, the leader of LAB, Garbiñe Aranburu, has defended opening a new mobilization cycle “with a strike on the horizon” that “recovers the path of the offensive.”

These unions have called for this Wednesday a mobilization day, both in Euskadi and Navarra, under the slogan “For decent work, pensions and working conditions, no to labor and pension reforms, sovereignty for a dignified life.”

With these protests, they pretend “condition” labor and pension reforms and, for this reason, they have mobilized throughout the morning in Hego Euskal Herria, with the participation, as they have highlighted, of thousands of workers. The mobilization will continue in the afternoon with more than 35 demonstrations.

Moments before starting the march, the ELA leader explained that this mobilization responds to the concern that exists for what “is up for grabs in the next few weeks, which is a lot“, both in terms of pensions, as well as labor reform and budgets.

Lakuntza has assured that it is necessary to consider whether the proposed measures “favor or not” the working class and the majority of the population and has affirmed that “unfortunately” the answer is “negative”. “What we see in this type of measure is or immobility or cuts“, has added.

In this sense, he has indicated that one of the issues that most concern them is the one related to the pension reform that will be voted on this Thursday in the Congress of Deputies. Lakuntza has assured that EH Bildu and the PNV have tomorrow “an opportunity to” stop the cuts to that reform “and he believes that is” what they should do. “

On the Budgets of the CAV, Lakuntza has indicated that the message sent by the Lehendakari and the Basque Government is “very evident” and is that “nothing will be changed in these budgetsFor this reason, he believes that “the left of this country does not have any margin to approve Accounts that are authentically antisocial.”

In relation to the labour reform, has denounced that the Government of Pedro Sánchez is “breaking his word” to repeal it because “two years after they are in power they are still waiting for them to do so.”

For his part, the general secretary of LAB, Garbiñe Aranburu, recalled that LAB since May 1 has been working to open “a new mobilization cycle with a strike on the horizon to respond to the current situation“.

Aranburu has described as “very positive” that this Wednesday a large social and union majority are mobilizing in the street and added that LAB is considering this new phase of mobilization “not as a response phase” because it is “clear” that, in relation to the labor reform, pensions or budgets, “the cuts or the precariousness policy of recent years will not be reversed,” since “there is no change in the direction of public policies.”

For this reason, he believes that it is not in that phase of response but that a cycle of mobilization has to be promoted that “recovers the path of the offensive” as was done in the general strike last year.


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