Unai Rementeria, new deputy general of Bizkaia, June 27, 2019


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Unai Rementeria has sworn the position under the Tree of Gernika. PNV and PSE will govern in coalition for the next four years.


Unai Rementeria, re-elected Deputy General of Bizkaia

Unai Rementeria has been re-elected this afternoon general deputy of Bizkaia by the General Boards of the territory with the votes of their party, the PNV, and the PSE-EE, groups that will once again govern in coalition in the Provincial Council.

One month after the regional elections on May 26, the General Councils of Bizkaia held the full investiture of the general deputy on Thursday at their headquarters in Gernika.

In this afternoon’s vote, Rementeria has been elected for a new four-year term by a large absolute majority of the Boards upon receiving 32 votes of the 51 representatives that make up the Chamber. The PNV obtained 25 junteros in the elections of 26M and the PSE-EE 8, although the absence of a proxy has left the sum at 32 votes and not the 33 total.

The EH Bildu candidate for general deputy, Bea Ilardia, has had the support of the 10 representatives of her group and the candidate of Elkarrekin Podemos, Eneritz de Madariaga, has obtained the 6 votes of this formation, while the two junteros of the PP , which the Biscayan Boards complete in the XI legislature, have voted blank.

Once re-elected, Rementeria, who will turn 46 next August, has left the Casa de Juntas to swear in office under the Tree of Gernika.

In his speech, Rementeria has underlined that PNV and PSE-EE represent “the best project for Bizkaia” since “no one has a better alternative or greater social guarantee”.

He stressed that both form a “strong and stable” government, and added that stability constitutes “the best guarantee for the future.”

Rementeria has highlighted that PNV and PSE, “reinforced” in the 26M, have “assumed” the “enormous responsibility” placed on them by the Biscayan and have signed a government agreement with 10 “strategic axes”, among which “employment Stable and quality is the priority of society and the County Council “.

He stressed that taxation will be another of the “key” issues and said that Bizkaia is the “most fiscally competitive territory in the State”.

Among the opposition groups, the candidates for general deputy of Bizkaia Bea Ilardia (EH Bildu) and Eneritz de Madariaga (Elkarrekin Podemos) have advocated reforming taxation in the new legislature to make it “fairer and more progressive”, and the PP group has proposed to lower personal income tax.

Bea Ilardia It has proposed that there be progressivity in the Corporation Tax according to the profits of the companies; that the exemptions and the “tax shield” -which establishes a limit to the joint effect of personal income tax and the Wealth Tax- be eliminated and that large surfaces be taxed.

For its part, Eneritz de Madariaga has defended a tax reform that raises the minimum exempt in Personal Income Tax (IRPF) to 14,400 euros and introduces “green” tax figures and incentives for measures to combat climate change, among other measures.

The representative of the PP, Amaya Fernandez, has stated the intention of his formation to “pitch in” for the benefit of the people of Biscay, has urged to work so that Bizkaia “once again becomes an industrial benchmark” and has announced that the PP is going to present a tax reform proposal that lower income tax to the Biscayan people.

This will be the new Regional Government of Bizkaia

After being reelected deputy general of Bizkaia, Rementeria has announced the composition of its new Executive, which, under his presidency, is made up of “five women and five men”, in a “strong government full of experience and enthusiasm”.

There are only two new incorporations in relation to the previous provincial government, and both in the ranks of the PNV: Sergio Murillo will be the new provincial deputy for Social Action, replacing Isabel Sánchez Robles, and Ainara Basurko He will be in charge of Economic Promotion, a new department previously included in the area of ​​Economic and Territorial Development.

At the head of that department was the previous legislature Imanol Pradales, who will now be Regional Deputy for Infrastructures and Territorial Development.

On the part of the PNV they also repeat Ibone Bengoetxea as a deputy for Public Administration and Institutional Relations; José María Iruarrizaga (Treasury and Finance), Lorea Bilbao (Basque and Culture) and Elena Unzueta (Sustainability and Natural Environment).

In the case of the PSE-EE, the provincial deputies from the previous legislature will once again hold the same positions: Teresa Laespada at the head of the Department of Employment, Social Inclusion and Equality; and Miguel Angel Gómez Viar, in Transport and Sustainable Mobility.


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