Ukrainians denounce a mass grave in Mariupol

The mayor of the city of Mariupolin southern Ukraine, Vadym Boychenko, denounces the alleged existence of a large Common pit in which between 3,000 and 9,000 corpses have been buried. It is based on satellite images taken by the US company Maxar, the same company that released the images of the concentration of Russian troops on the border before the war began, 58 days ago.

Russia claims to have conquered Mariupol, a strategic port city on the Sea of ​​Azov, although an unknown number of defenders (2,000, according to Moscow) are still holding out in the Azovstal industrial complex, southeast of the city. Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered his troops not to storm the plant and instead blockade it.

Meanwhile, fighting continues in the east, in the region of donbas, the control of which is the priority for Russia. The Ukrainian authorities have reported that this Friday no humanitarian corridor will be opened to try to evacuate civilians.

More than 1,000 civilians have been killed and there are more than 5 million refugees, according to the UN, since the invasion began on February 24.

A grave like the one in Bucha, according to the Ukrainians

The mayor of Mariúpol has pointed out the resemblance of the mass grave to the one found in Bucha, near kyiv, in which hundreds of bodies were found buried after the withdrawal of Russian troops.

“In Maxar’s photos on April 9, the sector of the mass grave in Mangush [a 20 kilómetros de Mariúpol] it is 20 times bigger” than Bucha’s, he explained in a message on social networks.

According to Boychenko, the Russians “they dug new trenches and filled them with corpses daily throughout the month of April. Our sources report that in such graves the bodies are placed in several layers.”

The mayor has called for international reaction to “stop the genocide” and the total evacuation of 100,000 civilians which, he assures, are still in the city.

By mid-March, the city’s public services had buried some 5,000 people in various areas of Mariupol and outlying neighborhoods. According to some estimates, the total number killed by the Russian army in Mariupol may exceed 22,000 people.

Bombing continues in Donbas

Meanwhile, they continue Russian bombing in the Donbas region. The shells have landed in Krasnyy Lyman, Buhayikva, Barvinkove, Lyman and Popasna, according to British intelligence information. The same source assures that Moscow has decided to take non-operational equipment back to Russia to repair it and thus reconstitute its forces after having suffered serious losses.

According to the latest release from the Ukrainian military high command, fighting has intensified in Donetsk and in the Tavriya districtand the offensive continues in the direction of Novtoshkivske, Popasna, Zarichne and Rubizhne.

The Russian Defense Ministry, for its part, assures that its air force has reached 58 military targets overnight, reports the Tass agency. The Russian military has explained that its objectives for this second phase of the war are to take full control of Donbas and southern Ukraine, and to open a land corridor that connects Russia with the Crimean peninsula, unilaterally annexed by Moscow in 2014 and headquarters of his Black Sea fleet.

The pro-Russian militia from the Lugansk region have also claimed that they control 90% of the territory of the self-proclaimed people’s republic.

This information could not be confirmed by independent sources.

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