Ukraine-Russia news – live: Moscow claims its troops have taken Kherson as Putin faces war crimes probe

Building on fire in shelling attack in Kharkiv, rescuers work on the spot

Russia’s troops have taken “complete control” of Ukraine’s port city of Kherson, a spokesperson for Moscow’s defense ministry has claimed.

Major General Igor Konashenko said the city is still running as normal and that there are no food or essential goods shortages.

He claimed on Wednesday that talks are underway between Russian personnel and city administrators on maintaining order in the city.

Major Kherson, Igor Kolykhayev, has since urged Putin’s soldiers not to shoot at civilians and publicly called on civilians to walk through the streets only in daylight and in ones and twos.

It comes after a senior US defense official said on Wednesday that Kherson “is very much a contested city at this point.”

Meanwhile, Britain and dozens of allies are pressing for an investigation to be launched rapidly into Vladimir Putin’s bombardment of Ukrainian cities after Boris Johnson accused the Russian president of war crimes.

The prime minister said Mr Putin “cannot commit these horrific acts with impunity” after 37 countries joined the UK on Wednesday in referring Moscow to the International Criminal Court (ICC).


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South Korea moves embassy out of Kyiv

South Korea has moved its embassy out of Kyiv to an undisclosed. “safe area”, its Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday.

The ministry said that it would summarize its operations once settled into its new location.

It also confirmed that South Korea’s Foreign Minister Chung Eui-yong spoke on the phone with his Ukrainian counterpart Dmytro Kuleba on Wednesday.

Graeme Massie3 March 2022 02:45


Ukraine refugees reaches one million in just seven days

The UN Refugee agency says 1 million people have fled Ukraine in the even days since Vladimir Putin launched his unprovoked invasion of the country.

The UNHCR data means that two per cent of Ukraine’s population of 44 million has flooded out for the embattled country in a week.

The UN agency says it expects around 4 million people could leave the country as war with Russia rages.

“In just seven days we have witnessed the exodus of one million refugees from Ukraine to neighboring countries.,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, wrote on Twitter.

Refugees fleeing the war from neighboring Ukraine walk on a platform after disembarking from a train in Zahony, Hungary, Wednesday, March 2, 2022


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Trains leaving Russia for Finland packed, say railway officials

High speed trains from Russia to Finland are packed with a wave of travelers leaving the country for good, railway officials say.

“We’ve had full trains from St. Petersburg from Sunday onward,” Topi Simola, the senior vice president of passenger services at Finnish Railways, told The New York Times.

“They are leaving for good. You can see that from the luggage they carry.”

The Allegro line takes 3.5 hours to travel the 250 miles from St Petersburg in Russia to the Finnish capital of Helsinki.

Graeme Massie3 March 2022 02:01


Ex-CIA chief says ‘draconian’ Russia sanctions could collapse country’s economy

David Petraeus told Fox News that Western sanctions will create a “dire financial situation” in Russia.

“I do think that some of the economic measures that have taken are so draconian that it literally could be a race between how quickly the economy just collapses… The fact that they can’t even open their stock exchange for fear that it will completely plummet …they are on the precipice of a dire financial situation.”

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Tucker Carlson criticizes Kevin McCarthy for wearing Ukraine flag pin

“Kevin McCarthy came with both the Ukrainian themed pocket square and a Ukrainian Flag pin. Even the president of Ukraine doesn’t do that very often. What McCarthy didn’t do is wear an American flag pin. Many others went without that too..” he said on his Wednesday evening show.

Graeme Massie3 March 2022 01:28


South Korea will become ‘active part’ of Russian sanctions

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Wednesday that South Korea would become an “active part” of the sanctions placed on Russia following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of the country.

Graeme Massie3 March 2022 01:13


German authorities seize $600m yacht of Putin-linked oligarch Alisher Usmanov

German authorities have seized a massive yacht belonging to billionaire oligarch Alisher Usmanov at a shipyard in Hungary, part of the European Union’s effort to crack down on associates of Vladimir Putin amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The craft, a 512-foot boat called the dilbaris worth a reported $600m, according to Forbeswhich reported the seizure.

Josh Marcus has the story.

Graeme Massie3 March 2022 00:58


How many Russians have been killed in Ukraine?

As fighting continues in Ukraine, the propaganda battle over Russian casualties in Vladimir Putin’s war is also being waged.

On Wednesday evening, a Ukrainian media outlet, quoted Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky as saying that his troops have killed 9,000 Russians during the conflict.

“Our army is doing everything to break the enemy completely. Almost 9,000 Russians are killed! In one week!” Euromaidan Press quoted Mr Zelensky as saying.

Meanwhile, Russian officials have claimed that the country has suffered just 498 casualties, with more than 1,500 wounded.

However, NBC News says that two Western officials have told it that Russia has lost around 5,800 troops so far.

In this photo taken from video released by Russian Defense Ministry Press Service on Tuesday, March 1, 2022, a Russian soldier points a gun from a Russian military helicopter as it flies over an undisclosed location in Ukraine.


Graeme Massie3 March 2022 00:44


Russian claims it has seized Kherson as mayor agrees to conditions to keep city running

Russia has claimed to have taken its first Ukrainian city one week after first launching the invasion.

Igor Konashenkov, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, said troops had taken “complete control” of the strategically significant port city of Kherson, near the Black Sea coast.

Liam James has the story.

Graeme Massie3 March 2022 00:23

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