Ukraine- Russia latest news: UK troops to withdraw and Biden to hold talks with Putin

UK and Russia relations now ‘above zero’, says Ben Wallace

All UK troops are to be withdrawn from Ukraine this weekend as Russia could invade “at almost no notice”, a defense minister has said.

Britons have been told to flee the country immediately, with the government updating advice last night to say UK nationals should “leave now while commercial means are still available”.

James Heappey, the armed forces minister, echoed this advice on Saturday, saying those who remain should not expect an Afghanistan-style military evacuation.

Also today, Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin are expected to talk on the phone about the situation, as Western intelligence officials warn an invasion is increasingly imminent.

The US is set to evacuate its embassy in Kyiv over fears of conflict.

Russia has already massed more than 100,000 troops near Ukraine, and this week it launched joint military exercises in neighboring Belarus and naval drills in the Black Sea.


Ukraine tells citizens to remain calm

Over the Ukraine, the government has urged citizens to stay calm amid mounting fears of a Russian invasion.

It said the armed forces were ready to repel any attack.

“It is now critical to remain calm and united within the country, and avoid actions that undermine stability and sow panic,” the foreign ministry said.

Zoe Tidmann12 February 2022 09:04


Afghanistan-style military evacuation off the cards, junior minister says

British nationals who choose to stay in Ukraine should not expect an Afghanistan-style military evacuation if Russia invades, a junior defense minister has said.

I have echoed the government’s plea for Britons in the country to “leave Ukraine immediately by any means possible”.

Zoe Tidmann12 February 2022 08:47


BREAKING: All UK troops to withdraw from Ukraine as Russia could invade `at almost no notice’

Zoe Tidmann12 February 2022 08:39


Russian Black Sea fleet start training exercises near Crimea

Ships from the Russian Black Sea fleet have started training exercises near the Crimea peninsula, according to a state-owned news agency.

It is reportedly part of wider navy drills and comes when Russia’s military moves are under close scrutiny amid Ukraine invasion fears.

Zoe Tidmann12 February 2022 08:30


What does the US expect from a Russian invasion?

Joe Biden’s national security adviser has set out what the White House expects to happen should Vladimir Putin order an invasion.

Andrew Feinberg takes a look at what this is:

Zoe Tidmann12 February 2022 08:11


US set to evacuate embassy

Officials say the US government plans to announce all American staff at the Kyiv embassy will be required to leave the country ahead of a feared Russian invasion.

Zoe Tidmann12 February 2022 07:44


Good morning and welcome to our live coverage on Ukraine.

Zoe Tidmann12 February 2022 07:42


That’s all for our live updates tonight. We’ll be back tomorrow morning with further updates.

Katy Clifton11 February 2022 22:21


EU Commission has not taken steps to evacuate staff from Ukraine

The European Commission said on Friday it had not taken steps to evacuate staff from Ukraine.

European Commission foreign affairs spokesman Peter Stano said:“We continue to assess the situation as it develops, in line with the duty of care we have towards our staff and in close consultation and coordination with the EU Member States.

“We are not evacuating. For the time being, the non-essential staff has been given the opportunity to telework from outside the country.”

joe middleton11 February 2022 21:40


Biden deploys extra 3,000 troops as White House warns it won’t rescue civilians in Ukraine

President Joe Biden on Friday directed the Defense Department to deploy 3,000 additional US troops to bolster the Nato presence in Eastern Europe as Russian forces continue massing for what US officials say could be an imminent invasion of Ukraine.

Those US forces will join 3,000 soldiers who are currently deploying to Romania and Poland, and those 6,000 could soon be supplemented by 8,500 more US troops who have received orders to be on standby to join the counterforce Nato is assembling to protect the alliance’s easternmost members in the event of a Russian incursion into Ukraine.

Andrew Feinberg have the latest.

joe middleton11 February 2022 21:30

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