Ukraine news breaking news: De-escalate immediately, NATO warns Russia as it responds to Putin’s security demands


New shipment of Russian military equipment arrives in Belarus amid tensions with Ukraine

NATO today sent a letter to Moscow in response to Russia’s list of security demands, the Western alliance has confirmed.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have risen ahead of what the West says is a possible takeover of more parts of Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his government have insisted they have no such plans, despite reports of tens of thousands of Russian troops deployed along the Ukrainian border.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters in Brussels: “We call on Russia once again to immediately de-escalate the situation.

“NATO firmly believes that tensions and disagreements must be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy.”

He reiterated his call on Moscow and NATO to re-establish their respective offices in Brussels and Moscow, and to make full use of military channels of communication to promote transparency and reduce risks.

John Sullivan, the US ambassador to Moscow, personally delivered two documents tonight: responses from Washington and NATO to eight demands Russia made last month, the Kommersant Newspaper.

Some of the demands were that the US commit to preventing NATO from expanding eastward and withdrawing its nuclear weapons from Europe.


‘Diplomacy must continue until the last moment’

Diplomacy must continue to the last moment in the tense Ukraine standoff to allow both sides to back down, the Archbishop of Canterbury said, highlighting “completely unwarranted threats” from Russia.

Stressing the need for mediation, the Most Reverend Justin Welby warned that once war broke out, all control would be “completely lost” and “casualties would be appalling”.

Speaking in Parliament, the Anglican world church chief also pressed the government for arrangements being made to support fleeing refugees “in case worst comes to worst”.

His comments came amid growing fears of an invasion by Russia, which has amassed 100,000 troops along the border with its former Soviet neighbor.

“Because the only thing we can be sure of is that once a war starts, you completely lose control of the situation, possibly for years, and the casualties will be terrible.”

Katy Clifton26 January 2022 23:05


Turkey urges Russia to resist aggression against Ukraine

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has said it would be unwise for Russia to launch a military conflict in Ukraine.

He added that Turkey would do whatever it takes as a NATO member if his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, ordered such moves.

In an interview on NTV broadcaster, Erdogan said he had invited Putin to Turkey under a proposal to host Russia and Ukraine for talks on diplomacy and peace.

Erdogan said he hopes Putin will respond to his invitation.

He added that some of Russia’s security concerns needed to be discussed, while explaining to Moscow that some of its demands are implausible.

Lamiat Sabin26 January 2022 21:10


Representatives of Russia and Ukraine will meet again in two weeks

In two weeks another talk will take place between Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany.

The discussion will focus on the parties’ interpretation of the Minsk agreement agreed in 2014 and 2015.

The deal had seen a ceasefire brokered between Russia and Ukraine.

Despite the uncertainty of whether all parties agreed to the deal, Russia and Ukraine agreed in Paris today to uphold the ceasefire that applies to the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine.

Representatives from the four countries will meet again for talks, under the so-called ‘Normandy format’, in Berlin in February.

Lamiat Sabin26 January 2022 20:50


Russia and Ukraine agree to maintain the ceasefire

Four countries, including Russia and Ukraine, have pledged to uphold a previously agreed ceasefire.

Advisors to the heads of the two countries, France and Germany, have reaffirmed their commitment to uphold the ceasefire negotiated in the so-called Minsk agreements, a joint statement says.

The four countries met for talks in Paris as tensions between Russia and Ukraine rose.

They said in the statement: “They support unconditional compliance with the ceasefire (…) regardless of differences on other issues related to the implementation of the Minsk agreements.”


Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France conclude talks

A conversation held in Paris between diplomats from Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France has concluded, according to two diplomatic sources, Reuters reports.

The four-way discussion was aimed at reaching a conclusion on how to end the escalation of tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

The discussions, held under the so-called ‘Normandy format’, lasted more than eight hours.

The Normandy-format talks involve the four countries, whose representatives met informally during the 2014 D-Day celebration in the French region, in an effort to resolve the war in eastern Ukraine.

Lamiat Sabin26 January 2022 20:15


Russia sends army to Belarus amid “growing tensions”

Russia is deploying troops and weapons to Belarus, NATO said.

The soldiers join the many tens of thousands reportedly already deployed on the border shared by Russia and Ukraine.

“Tensions are rising,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters in Brussels.

“We see more troops not only in and around Ukraine, but also now in Belarus, where Russia is in the process of deploying thousands of troops, hundreds of aircraft, S-400 air defense systems, and many other very advanced capabilities,” he said. saying.

Stoltenberg added that these actions were taken under the guise of military exercises.

Lamiat Sabin26 January 2022 20:00


NATO sends a letter to Moscow about Russia’s demands

NATO today sent Moscow its written response to Russia’s security demands, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said.

“We call on Russia once again to de-escalate the situation immediately.

“NATO firmly believes that tensions and disagreements must be resolved through dialogue and diplomacy,” Stoltenberg told reporters in Brussels.

He reiterated his call on Moscow and NATO to re-establish their respective offices in Brussels and Moscow, and to make full use of military channels of communication to promote transparency and reduce risks.

Lamiat Sabin26 January 2022 19:20


UK ‘doesn’t judge’ nations that don’t arm Ukraine

The UK has insisted that it is not passing judgment on countries that have chosen not to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said today during a visit to Berlin.

Wallace said: “The advantage of being in NATO is that there are 30 allies, so we can all help Ukraine in our own way.”

“Obviously the UK has seen lethal assistance of a tactical defensive nature as something the Ukrainians need. But we are not judging other countries.”

Germany has refused to provide weapons to Ukraine amid escalating tensions between Kiev, backed by Western nations, and Moscow, instead offering 5,000 helmets to Ukrainian troops.

Vitali Klischko, the mayor of Kiev and a former world boxing champion, criticized the helmet offer as “a joke”, adding whether Germany was going to send “pillows next”.

Lamiat Sabin26 January 2022 19:15


Allies involved in US response to Russia, says Blinken

Antony Blinken said that US allies and partners were involved in drafting Washington’s written response to Russia’s demands.

He said the response included “comments, input and ideas from allies and partners.”

He confirmed that Joe Biden had a hand in drafting it, saying that “allies and partners were also intimately involved, and we took many of the comments they had made into account and integrated them into the document.”

liam james26 January 2022 18:41


US ‘made no concessions’ to Russia’s demand on Ukraine, says Blinken

The United States has made no concessions to Russia’s main demand that Ukraine be barred from joining NATO, said Antony Blinken.

At a briefing after the United States released a document containing a written response to Russia’s security demands, the secretary of state said: “Without going into the details of the document, I can tell you what we have said publicly for many years. weeks, and in a sense for many years.

“That we will defend the principle of the open door of NATO. And that, as I have said repeatedly in recent weeks, is a commitment to which we are bound.

“The document, as I have said, makes very clear some of the basic principles that we are supporting, committed to and will uphold.”

This meant there was no concession in the document, he said.

liam james26 January 2022 18:15


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