Ukraine: Dashcam captures moment airstrike hits Chernihiv block of flats as 47 people killed

A dashcam has captured the moment Russia dropped multiple bombs on a residential area and killed scores of Ukrainian people.

At least six missiles fall on a block of flats in Chernihiv, northern Ukraine, in footage recorded in a car traveling towards the neighborhood just after noon on Thursday.

Several missiles being fired at the apartment complex in Chernihiv


Several people are seen running away from the huge explosions unleashed by Vladimir Putin’s troops that killed at least 47 civilians – 38 men and nine women – and injured at least 18, according to the emergency services.

A man in the vehicle, that is recording the unfolding nightmare, is heard uttering expletives, and adding: “And this is what they call not bombing residential buildings?”

The projectiles also hit two schools, according to regional governor Viacheslav Chaus.

“Many apartment buildings were damaged, windows were broken, walls, roofs, balconies were damaged, walls and ceilings were destroyed in some places,” he wrote on Telegram.

People can be seen running away from the missile attack on a residential area


The moment the missiles fired by Russian troops hit the apartment complex


“There are NO military facilities nearby. Nearby are hospitals, several schools and kindergartens, dozens of high-rise buildings,” he said.

Bodies of deceased civilians are seen laying on the ground in distressing and graphic footage posted online.

Casualties are also seen carried away on stretchers, while firemen attempt to extinguish flames in the burning apartment complex that has been reduced in many places to piles of rubble, and burning cars and trees.

Only civilian buildings were targeted in the attack, authorities said

(Ukrainian State Emergency Service)

Flames and smoke in a residential building damaged by shelling


Apartment blocks and residential areas in many other parts of Ukraine have been under attack since Putin launched the invasion on 24 February.

The Russian president has denied that his troops have targeted civilians, insisting that the forces are only bombing military locations.

Emergency services assess the destruction caused to the neighborhood


He made the claim to members of the Kremlin’s security council – while missiles continued to drop on Ukrainians.

This week, the UN estimated the death toll of Ukrainian civilians to be at least 227 but it is feared that the number is likely to be far higher.

Putin was out to “erase” the Ukrainian people, Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky has said – vowing that Russia would pay.

Mr Zelensky said: “We will rebuild every single house, every single street, every single city.

“And we are telling Russia – learn the words ‘reparation’ and ‘contributions’.

“You will pay back fully to us for what you’ve done against our state, against our every single Ukrainian.”

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