UK weather: Snow forecast on Christmas Day and Boxing Day – see chances in your area

A weather warning has been issued on Boxing Day for snow in high areas, with some snowfall forecast on Christmas Day by the Met Office

High areas could see some

Christmas Day snow may fall in some parts of the UK – although you need to climb to high areas to see it.

The Met Office has expected it could be a rainy and windy day in most parts of the country, although Boxing Day is expected to see more wintry weather.

Forecasters have issued a warning for snow in some upland areas on Sunday.

Chief Meteorologist Frank Saunders said: “The Christmas period will be unsettled for much of the UK this year. Many will see wet and cloudy conditions as mild air dominates the south and west of the UK.

“This contrasts with the cold air in the northeast, which brings that chance of some snow, most likely over the Pennines and the southern half of Scotland, and perhaps a little more likely into the early part of Boxing Day.

“Added to the mix is a strong easterly wind, especially in northern areas, which will make it feel particularly cold.”

Here we look at the forecast in all parts of the UK over the coming days.

Yellow weather warnings are in place on Boxing Day




Forecasters predict a dry and bright Christmas Day – but warn it’ll be cold.

Temperatures will struggle to get above zero overnight, while chilly winds – particularly around the coast – will make it feel colder tomorrow.

It is unlikely to be above 5C at any point on Christmas Day, while there could be some patchy snow on Boxing Day.

Monday and Tuesday are set to be cloudy with some rain, and it will feel colder.


The good news is that there may be some snow on Christmas Day – but only if you climb to the higher parts of Snowdonia.

For everyone else the day is expected to see a lot of rain, and the west of the country will be pretty windy too.

The temperature is set to peak at around 9C.

On Boxing Day the Met Office predicts a mixture of showers and brighter interludes.

Monday is likely to be dry, while Tuesday will be cloudy with some rain possible.

Most of the UK is set for a cold and rainy Christmas



North West

Tomorrow will feel cold because of a brisk wind, and it is unlikely to climb above 6C.

There is a chance of sunshine in the north of the region, although spells of drizzle may dampen Christmas spirits.

The Met Office predicts a mixture of rain and hill snow on Boxing, followed by a dry Monday.

Tuesday is expected to be cloudier, but it will feel milder, experts say.

East Midlands

Met Office forecasters say there may be wintry showers across the Peak District in the evening.

There will be a cold wind and temperatures are unlikely to climb above 5C.

Boxing Day will see early rain with some snow in high areas, easing as the day goes on.

Monday and Tuesday will be cloudy and winds will be lighter.

There will be some snow falling in the next couple of days, forecasters predict



West Midlands

It will be cloudy through Christmas Day, with patchy light rain and drizzle, which will become more frequent during the afternoon.

The Met Office says it will feel chilly in the wind, with a top temperature of 7C.

Early rain on Boxing Day will clear, but there will be showers and brighter interludes throughout the day.

Monday and Tuesday will be drier, and it will feel milder.

East of England

Christmas Day will be mostly damp and cloudy, the Met Office says, although Norfolk is expected to be dry.

It will feel chilly with a brisk easterly breeze, and a maximum temperature of around 6C.

Boxing Day will start with rain, but this is expected to clear and become warmer throughout the day.

Monday may see more rain, although Tuesday is expected to be drier.

London and South East

It will be a damp, murky Christmas Day for most, the Met Office predicts.

The big day will start with drizzle, but rain will become more persistent as it spreads northward toward the evening.

It will feel chilly, although it is expected to be warmer than other parts of the country with a maximum temperature of 9C.

Boxing Day will see heavy showers, especially around the coast.

There will be more rain on Monday, although Tuesday is expected to be drier.

South West

Sadly Christmas Day will be a weather washout for large parts of the region, with heavy rain expected.

It will, however, be one of the warmest parts of the UK, with a maximum temperature of around 11C.

There will be a moderate breeze and it will feel mild, the Met Office says.

Boxing Day will see a combination of sunshine and showers, but there is potential for stronger winds on Monday.

Tuesday will be cloudy, and it possible that there will be rain late in the day.

Northern Ireland

Christmas Day will be cloudy and windy, turning wet at times during the afternoon and evening.

There will be strong winds in coastal areas, with the temperature set to peak at around 6C.

Sunday will be mostly cloudy with some rain, while Monday and Tuesday are set to be drier.

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