UK weather: Record coldest April night ever set to be followed by snow, thunder and hail

Tonight is set to be the coldest April night ever in England’s capital with Londoners braced for a deep freeze as temperatures are due to plummet

An Arctic blast is set to chill the capital to record low temperatures

The capital is set for a deep freeze as it faces its coldest April night ever tonight as Arctic conditions sweep down from the north.

The cold snap is going to see temperatures plummet below zero and is likely to bring the coldest April night ever seen in the capital.

To make matters worse, the Met Office has predicted this will come at the beginning of an April which will see the country battered by thunder, snow and hail.

London’s coldest ever night in April, was recorded at Heathrow Airport, one of the capital’s main weather stations, at a chilling -3.1C.

But tonight the mercury is due to fall lower and Londoners are likely to face even colder conditions.

And it comes ahead of what the Met Office has warned could be a miserable month for many Brits.

The Arctic blast is set to chill Brits as they brace for a miserable month



In their long range forecasts, the first running from April 7-16, the forecaster warned about “prolonged spells of rain and strong winds” and “a risk of snow” mainly across central and northern areas of the UK.

The north would spend much of that period waking up to widespread frosts and towards the latter end along with the west of the UK, it would face the “heaviest rain and strongest winds”.

Then, the Met Office warned that the rest of the month might take a turn for the worse.

Any dry spells it warned would be ‘brief interludes’.

They warned: “Showers may be heavy at times, some perhaps thundery with a chance of hail.

“Strong winds are also likely, particularly to the north and west.”

The chilling cold is set to sweep in from the north-east



Even though they remained hopeful the end of April could see more settled conditions following on from chances of thunder, hail and rain, they said “rain and showers remain possible”.

This comes after parts of Britain has been battered by Arctic winds and snow flurries over the past few days.

And whilst tonight may be record breaking in London, it wouldn’t come close to the coldest night ever in other parts of the country.

Back in January 1962, a freezing -12.8C was recorded.

Temperatures in the week even plummeted far colder throughout the week in other parts of the UK.

The record cold comes after the second sunniest March ever



The last day of March saw temperatures fall as low as -8C in the Scottish Highlands, -6.7C in Wales and -4.8C in Cumbria.

This comes as much of the east coast of England, into Scotland, faced a yellow weather warning this morning.

The Met Office warned Brits of ice, with the warning in place from midnight last night until 10am this morning.

The warning covered from near Eyemouth in Scotland to the bottom of Lincolnshire.

Brits face a miserable April after the second sunniest March on record.

The Met Office has warned snow, ice and hail could batter Brits across April



Last month saw the most sunshine of any March since 1929, with most Brits blessed with an average of 166.1 hours across the 31 days.

Northern Ireland recorded nearly twice as much sunshine as it usually does in any given March, with a massive 90% hike.

Similarly, Scotland saw a huge 64% in the hours of sunshine it received and England had its second sunniest March ever.

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