UK Weather forecast: Freezing temperatures could dip to -6C before ‘snowbomb’ hits

The UK is set to be hit by freezing temperatures next week which could drop to -6C for Scotland on Christmas Day before a “snowbomb” is due bringing up to 15cm of snow

A snowbomb could hit after Christmas bringing several centimetres of snow
A snowbomb could hit after Christmas bringing several centimetres of snow

Brits are being told to brace as temperatures plunge next week leading to a freezing Christmas weekend followed by a “snowbomb” in the run up to New Year.

Weather charts show that the mercury could dive to -5C for parts of Scotland on Christmas Day with freezing air moving into the country from the Arctic during next week.

It will be bitterly cold for much of the country with temperatures close to zero but the jury is open on whether there will be any snow for December 25.

Met Office Expert Meteorologist, Dan Rudman, said: “There is still a lot of uncertainty in the forecast for the Christmas period. Whilst there is certainly a risk of wintry conditions for many places, other outcomes are still possible such as warmer air to move across the UK bringing rain widely with any potential snow being restricted to higher ground and the far north.”

It will, though, get colder after the Christmas weekend with December 29 and 30 seeing sub zero temperatures for much of the country with -5C a possibility for the north west of England, according to WXCharts.

The UK is set for heavy snow in the week between Christmas and New Year

Temperatures will plunge next week in the run up to Christmas


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A wet weather front coming could also lead to a snow bomb over these dates with up to 15cm of snow possible in central Scotland and several centimetres also in Wales, as well as a layering in the north west of England.

Brits are likely to start to feel the temperatures dipping over this coming weekend and could wake up to freezing fog on Saturday morning.

BBC Weather forecaster Aiden McGivern said: “There will be a lot of low fog, dense fog last through Saturday in a few spots and it will feel cold, increasingly cold with this high pressure in charge pulling in fairly chilly air from the near continent.”

The jury still remains out on whether there will be much snow on Christmas Day


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There are likely to be sub zero temperatures overnight and it won’t get much warmer throughout Saturday.

“Fog potentially an issue across many parts of eastern central and southern England,” Mr McGivern said. “It will be slow to clear in some places I think it will last through the day and some areas will see the low cloud stick around.

“Temperatures will feel lower than Friday and going into Saturday night we repeat it all again with extensive low cloud with mist and fog again affecting many areas particularly across central and Eastern parts of the UK.”

The Met Office is warning that people could wake up to freezing fog on Saturday morning

He continued: “Sunday is another grey and gloomy start to the day for many parts of the country but there will be these slightly tenuous cloud breaks, quite difficult at this stage to say where they will form but western areas are most favoured.

“Once again on Sunday some dense fog patches are likely to stick around in the morning and into the afternoon and where that happens it will feel on the cold side with temperatures in the low single figures.”

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Low cloud affecting much of England and Wales with some fog in places, mainly the east. Brighter for parts of Scotland and west Wales with some sunny spells, though a few fog patches lingering all day.


Low cloud and fog persisting across England and Wales. Clear spells for parts of Scotland, west Wales and southwest England where a frost is possible in places.


Low cloud and fog persisting for many, though with some sunny spells for Scotland and west Wales. Some light rain and drizzle arriving in the far northeast later.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Most places staying dry but with more sunshine by day than of late, especially across the south. Cold with overnight frosts. Perhaps some rain into the far southwest late Wednesday.

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