UK weather forecast: Arctic blast to bring frost and -4C temperatures with 60mph wales

The UK is set for an Arctic blast over the next couple of days with a freezing start to Tuesday where the mercury could fall to -4C followed by 60mph Wales later in the day

Gale force winds will hit parts of the country this week

Brits are faced with a freezing start to Tuesday with temperatures dropping to -4C before gale force winds up to 60mph are predicted by the Met Office.

It has been a cold start to March and the low temperatures are continuing for the next couple of days before the mercury rises on Thursday.

Freezing temperatures, though, this month means that odds have been slashed on it being the coldest March ever, moving to 5/4.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “There’s every chance this month breaks records on the weather front with the odds continuing to drastically tumble.”

Going into Tuesday and it will be a cold but bright start with a low pressure front coming in from the Atlantic competing with high pressure from the continent.

There will be sub-zero temperatures for many on Tuesday



Met Office forecaster Clare Nasir said: “Tuesday will be a windy day but bright for some and dry for many before rain arrives across more western areas.”

She continued: “Winds towards the north west as well as the north east could actually touch near gale force for a time, afflicting shower or two can’t be ruled out (overnight) towards the far south west.

“But inland where that cloud breaks up temperatures fall quite quickly so expect a quite widespread frost, (with) lowest temperatures in northern counties of England, particularly rural spots, central parts of Scotland coming in at around -3C or -4C. Despite a frosty start it will be a bright one, certainly across central Scotland you will see some bright weather if not some sunshine.

It is set to be a feezing start to the day on Tuesday


Liverpool echo)

“Still that driving wind coming in from the south though. Northern Ireland seeing more in the way of cloud and some patchy cloud for Wales as well as the West Country but a crisp start to the day further east with some sunshine.

“Then we watch through Tuesday as the brighter and drier weather becomes confined to central and eastern parts of Scotland as well as England as the cloud thickens from the west and eventually we will see some rain arrive across Cornwall as well as Devon, Pembrokeshire, Northern Ireland and by the end of the day western Scotland.

“This rain will be heavy at times, coupled with the wind which will touch gale force particularly across the north west of Scotland, likes along the Western Isles could actually peak at 60mph so a windy day, a lively day but a bright one.”

Odds are being slashed on it being the coldest March on record


Liverpool echo)

There is set to be more heavy rain and wind for Wednesday while the outlook remains unsettled for the rest of the week but Thursday is likely to be the warmest day with temperatures possibly getting up to the mid teens.

BBC weather forecaster Matt Taylor said “Temperatures could rise further as we go into Thursday, as you can see the low pressure bands ganging up but fizzing out when they run into the high pressure system. So it does look as though Thursday is the driest brightest day of the week.”

UK forecast for the next 5 days

Bright in the east, rain and strong winds in the west.


Dry and rather cold with sunny spells, although cloudier in the west with a band of rain moving eastwards, followed by sunshine and showers for Northern Ireland and southwestern areas later. Windy with coastal wales in the west.


Band of cloud and rain moving across remaining areas, heavy in the northwest, but little rain in the east. Clear spells following, but rain, some heavy for Northern Ireland later.


Dry, bright and breezy in east after low cloud clears. Cloud and rain in far west moving into other western areas, heavy in northwest with some snow over hills later.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Cloudy and windy with rain at times in the west. Drier with sunshine in the southeast, warm in the sunshine, but rain arriving Friday. Showers Saturday with further rain later.

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