UK weather forecast: -5C Arctic freeze to hit this weekend ahead of snow and wales

The Met office is predicting a bitterly cold weekend with temperatures dropping as low -5C while there are freezing conditions up and down the country before snow and Wales next week

The UK is set for a frosty weekend

Brits are set for a -5C freeze this weekend with sub zero temperatures likely for most of the country before snow Wales arrive, said the Met Office.

Bitterly cold conditions are expected for Saturday morning as a weather front comes in from the east and the winter conditions are expected to continue well into the middle of March.

People are being warned to wrap up warm over the coming days while the weather becomes more unsettled by the middle of next week and less predictable.

Maps from WXCharts show the icy conditions continuing for the next couple of weeks and the Met Office is warning of snow and Wales.

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said that a high pressure is trying to push in from the Atlantic which would mean clear skies and sunshine but another weather front is sticking on the east of the country that is bringing cloud and rain.

There are icy temperatures up and down the country with lows of -5C


WX Charts)

The temperatures will be cold especially overnight.

“It will turn frosty, patchy frost for north west England, Wales and maybe even south west England as well,” said Mr Deakin.

“Under the cloud and rain with that weather front the temperatures will hold up a few degrees above freezing but elsewhere certainly getting close to freezing even in towns and cities, and in rural parts we will be well below, maybe -5C in one or two locations across Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

There is likely to be an east-west divide with cloud and rain to the east of the country where a weather front persists.

Mr Deakin continued: “A cold start here (in the west) to the weekend, a frosty old start but we should see plenty of sunshine, maybe a little bit of morning fog in a few spots. Sunny spells too for Wales and western England .

It is likely to be sunny as well as cold with a high pressure system


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“It’s further east where we are going to have this cloud and rain. Now some uncertainty about how far it is going to creep, whether the rain is going to come and go all day or whether it will be stuck under persistent rain but there is the threat of that certainly for east Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, East Anglia and the South East.

He added: “Under the cloud in the east 5 or 6C maybe squeezing up to 7C in Norwich and London, that is going to feel grim for the time of year.”

It is a similar picture for Sunday although there is likely to be more sun in the east with the high pressure finally taking over.

Snow and Wales are also a possibility for next week



For next week the icy conditions remain with the threat of wind and snow as the weather becomes less settled.

The Met Office states: “Sunny spells with some cloud for most at first during this period, with generally stronger winds than previous days and the ongoing risk of Wales in the far west and northwest.

“Temperatures looking to be rather below normal and perhaps feeling cooler in the wind. Through the period, frontal systems push eastwards which are likely to bring strengthening winds in addition to potential snowfall. The main impacts are likely to be from heavy rain and gales during this time.

“Nearer to the end of this period, there is looking to be a transition from these rather cold conditions to near normal and milder conditions. This is likely to include clearer weather with showers across all areas.”

UK forecast for the next 5 days


Cloud and occasional rain in the southeast moving into central areas of England. Drier and brighter for parts of East Anglia later. Mainly dry with sunny spells elsewhere.


Dry with clear periods and widespread frost in the north, with some freezing fog patches. Cloud and outbreaks of rain extending westwards across central and southern Britain.


Dry and sunny in north. Rather cloudy across central and southern areas with outbreaks of rain across West Midlands and southern Wales. Isolated showers possible in southeast during the afternoon.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Rather cold with overnight frost but largely dry with sunny spells for most on Monday and Tuesday. Turning windier and potentially milder into Wednesday, rain possible in the west.

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