UK Weather: Exact dates when snow could hit the country as ‘Arctic blast’ heads towards Brits


While January and the rest of the winter months were generally snow-free, there is a chance that February could start with white snow.

A woman makes her way through the snow in Balloch, Scotland.
A woman makes her way through the snow in Balloch, Scotland.

The UK is bracing for the possibility of snow early next month as an “arctic blast” is forecast to arrive from the north.

The last few weeks of January have generally been dominated by stable conditions, often resulting in cool temperatures but clear skies.

However, Britons shouldn’t let seeing the sun lull them into a false sense of security.

While January, and the rest of the winter months, were generally snow-free, there’s a chance February could start off with white stuff.

According to the Met Office, there is a higher chance of snow over the weekend for Scotland.

Cars drive through the snow in Gunnerside, North Yorkshire



This will run until early next week, but sadly for snow fans, the chances are still pretty low.

It is most likely to be found on higher ground in Scotland, and there is a small chance it could spread to some patches of higher ground in northern England as well.

The chances of snow are increasing as the UK will be hit by a blast of cold air from the Arctic bringing cooler temperatures and the possibility of snow.

Tomintoul, Scotland, it will most likely snow in Scotland or the north of England


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However, any cold snap is expected to be short-lived.

According to the Met Office forecasts for the first ten days of February: “Clouds and showers are likely in the North West initially on Tuesday, spreading across the UK throughout the day, with near normal temperatures.

“The north/south split will continue through Wednesday and Thursday, likely wet and windy in northern areas, and drier conditions in the south, with mild temperatures.

The ‘Arctic blast’ will arrive from the north in early February and will bring a small chance of snow.

“Winter showers possible over high ground in Scotland.

“Moving further into February, cloudy and largely settled weather is likely to remain for most, with some rain and strong winds in the far northwest at times.

“Overall, temperatures are likely to be near or milder than average during this period, although brief cooler-than-average spells are possible, which are likely to be limited to northern areas.”

Snow on Southend seafront


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The north-south divide is expected to be key with any potential flurries of snow falling in the UK’s northlands.

Looking further into February the possibility of snowfall as while the north-south weather divide is expected to continue, the UK as a whole can expect drier than usual conditions.

The Northwest is likely to see rain and strong winds, but temperatures are expected to remain milder than average.

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