UK Snow Forecast: Arctic blast to cover parts of UK – when will it fall in your area?


The Arctic blast is set to hit the UK next week, blanketing much of the country in snow amid frigid February temperatures with the Met Office warning of winter rain.

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UK Weather: Charts show a high chance of snow in the UK

An arctic explosion is expected to cover parts of the country, as the British could start seeing the white stuff in just seven days.

A blast of cold air could bring snow in early February as temperatures plunge and bring frosty mornings.

However, the freezing conditions are not expected to last long.

Exacta Weather forecaster James Madden told the Express: “We expect to see some changes as we head into the last month of winter.

“Cold and snow will invade from the north during the first part of February, and some of these winter downpours can reach as far south as central England and the capital.

An arctic blast is set for next week as parts of the country could see snow.



“The good news for snow haters is that these bursts can be short-lived as the mild Atlantic weather spreads across the UK.

“A north-south split will also bring the worst of the weather to Scotland and the north of England, with southern Britain likely to miss the worst of the weather.”

Here’s an area-by-area breakdown of the weather since early February:


Much of Scotland will brace for this predicted arctic blast.

Forecasters say Scotland will face the worst as the Met Office also warns of winter showers.

It’s too early to say how much white material may fall, but WXCharts’ weather maps show freezing temperatures as of next Tuesday.

White matter could fall in parts of Scotland and the north next week


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Yorkshire and the Humbers

Like those living in Scotland, Britons in Yorkshire and the Humber can expect temperatures to drop next Tuesday.

It’s unclear if there will be snow, but conditions are likely to be icy and arctic.

north west england

The white goo could reach as far south as the northwest by next Tuesday, according to maps from WXCharts.

Temperatures will hover above freezing until the Arctic blows up, which will bring wintry conditions for most of next week.

This weather map from WXCharts for the coming Tuesday illustrates the arctic explosion in different shades of blue.


WX graphics)

north east england

Temperatures will start to drop on Monday before the Arctic blast makes its way from Scotland through the North East region.

According to weather maps from WXCharts, it doesn’t look like the snow will stick, but temperatures are expected to drop below freezing.

the midlands of England

Conditions are expected to turn chilly starting Wednesday, but temperatures will be in the single digits beforehand.

Sub-zero temperatures will spread throughout the region and will continue until the second half of the week.

WXCharts weather maps show there could be snowfall in parts of the West Midlands, but it doesn’t seem to last long.

This weather map from WXCharts for next Tuesday illustrates where there will be snow and frost in the UK


WX graphics)

east of england

The beginning of February will see mostly settled and cloudy weather.

Temperatures will be largely in the single digits as cold air is pushed down from the north.

However, as the week progresses, temperatures will struggle to break above freezing, according to WXCharts predictions.

south west england

Temperatures appear to be in the single digits early in the month and may stave off the worst of the Arctic blast.

WXCharts weather maps show the mercury sinking to sub-zero temperatures in the second half of the week, and even then it only seems to last about two days.

This WXCharts weather map for next Wednesday shows how temperatures will drop across much of the country


WX graphics)

south east england

Next week’s temperatures will start in the high single digits, before plummeting later in the week.

Weather maps from WXCharts show this region avoiding the worst of the blast until at least Thursday.


In Wales, temperatures will be cool, but the arctic blast won’t hit the country until the second half of next week.

WXCharts weather maps seem to show a frosty start in the northern parts of the country.

Forecasters say the cold snap will be short



North Ireland

As in Wales, frost appears to cover parts of Northern Ireland since the start of the week.

From Tuesday night through the second half of the week, temperatures appear to plummet, according to the WXCharts weather map.

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