UK retail software company can help you with online sales

Aaron Flanagan, of Comic Book Guys: “The sales reports and inventory dashboard have been critical to running our business.”

Whether you are a bricks-and-mortar shop looking to break into the online sales world, or you’re already trading both in person and virtually but want a better AirPOS system could have the answer.

AirPOS are a UK retail software company, who have just unveiled their latest innovation, following a year-long £1m research and development project.

They say it is an easy and cost-effective way for retailers to start selling online. AirPOS know the value of speaking to a ‘real person’ when embarking on a system change like this.

£1m software development by AirPOS means easy and cost-effective way for retailers to start selling online, or integrate in-person and internet sales

The company’s suite of retail and e-commerce software solutions has added a new integration with the e-commerce platform Shopify, and offer the integration at no extra cost to their subscribers. The new integration allows bricks and mortar retailers to seamlessly sync inventory and sales information between their physical store’s point of sale (POS) and Shopify e-commerce systems.This type of solution is available from only a handful of POS providers worldwide and never without bespoke integrations worth thousands of pounds or expensive ‘bolt-on’ subscriptions, typically costing upwards of £3,000 annually.

Saving your business time and money

Commenting on the unveiling, Marty Neill, CEO of AirPOS said: “One of the key challenges in launching an e-commerce store when you’re an established bricks-and-mortar retailer is the additional work involved in running two separate inventories. Along with the lifetime free customer support that we offer, our new solution takes the pain out of this, reducing the retailer’s workload and effortlessly integrating both channels onto one dashboard.”The recurring closure of retail throughout 2020 and early 2021 accelerated the digital transformation of local high streets but few shop owners have successfully managed the cohesion of both physical and online stores. The new Shopify integration from AirPOS gives independent retailers an advantage that many large high street retail brands simply do not have, a seamless in-store and online integration .The integration (and the short lead time required to create and launch a Shopify store) enables retailers to sell online with minimal additional work or investment, and to offer other shopping services such as click and collect.

You get to talk to real people – whether that is during an initial demonstration of the system or through ongoing free customer support. The system is ideal for many businesses such as independent retailers, florists, vape shops, arts and crafts, golf pro shops or sporting goods outlets, and many more.

“Our growth in the past five years is thanks to a lot of different factors but one of them is definitely AirPOS,” said Aaron Flanagan, of Comic Book Guys. “The sales reports and inventory dashboard have been critical to running our business.”

AirPOS’s point of sale solution is a subscription suite of retail management tools that is already being used by over 1,300 retailers and small businesses all over the UK. The new Shopify integration is available for free to AirPOS customers until 1st April, and is available to existing Shopify users

Link to website for retailers who have an existing Shopify store here

Link to website for retailers who want to get started selling online here

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