Uber driver catches cheating boyfriend after he gets in car with another woman

A driver was horrified after picking up some passengers during her part-time Uber job – only for her boyfriend to climb into the backseat with another women.

After taking some time off from her main job, Jen picked up some shifts with the car hire service to make some extra cash, but was in for a shock when she arrived at one customer’s location.

Posting about the situation to her Tik Tok account @jword444, she explained she had accepted a job and driven to the pick-up destination – when her partner hopped into the car with a girl she didn’t recognize.

According to the Mirror, she wrote alongside the video: “When you decide to stay in on a Friday, drive for Uber, and your man gets in the back seat with another girl.”

The woman also insisted in the video’s caption that the tragic tale “actually happened” to her with her partner, and in a three-part follow-up, Jen revealed the full details behind the heartbreaking moment.

She said: “Today is Monday, and this all happened on Friday. There’s been new developments since then, so we’re going to talk about it.

Jen had picked up the Uber jobs to make some extra cash.
Jen had picked up the Uber jobs to make some extra cash.

“This guy and I met on Hinge, and things were going well with us, but things were relatively new. I had asked him what he was doing over the weekend because I wanted to hang out and he said he was going to a sports game on Friday but we could hang out on Saturday.In my mind, I thought that was perfect because I could drive for Uber on Friday and make some money and I’ll see him Saturday.

“So I’m driving around on Friday and I get a request from a girl, and I go and pick her up and she gets in the back seat on the passenger side. But I look over and he’s sitting directly behind me. We go the whole entire ride and he doesn’t say a word, and when I drop them off he immediately calls me to say he’s sorry.”

Jen, who is from the US, admitted she spent the rest of the day worrying that her boyfriend was being unfaithful, but said that she spoke to him on Saturday and he insisted he was “just friends” with the other woman.

But the day after, she uncovered the truth after meeting the other woman in a bar – who told her she’d been having “a thing” with the bloke for some time.

She said: “Sunday, I go out with my friends and we’re just debriefing about the whole situation. We’re friends with the bartender of the bar we went to, and she tells me that she’s friends with the other girl and that she’s in the same bar right now.

The woman was shocked when her boyfriend got in the car with another girl.
The woman was shocked when her boyfriend got in the car with another girl.

“I said to the waitress that I felt bad because I know they’re just friends, and she goes ‘What do you mean they’re just friends?’ and I was so confused. The waitress tells me they’re definitely more than friends, and I’m like ‘Oh, okay.’

“At this point, the other girl comes up to me and it’s confirmed that they had a thing for a while. I call him and tell him to come to the bar, and we talk. At that point, he comes clean and admits he does have a thing with the other girl. That’s it, really. That’s the story.”

Commenters on the video were baffled by the man’s actions, but many insisted “divine intervention” was at play for making the stars align on the Uber ride.

One person said: “That’s divine intervention baby.”

While another wrote: “The universe was with you that day trying to show you the truth.”

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