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Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene outside the Capitol in Washington.
Georgia Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene outside the Capitol in Washington.JIM LO SCALZO (EFE)

Twitter suspended this Sunday the personal account of Republican Party congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene for violating the platform’s disinformation policies on coronavirus on several occasions. The technology company had temporarily blocked the Georgia representative’s account on previous occasions. Greene tweeted on Saturday about the “extremely high numbers of deaths from the covid vaccine,” resulting in his permanent suspension. Your profile as a US Congressional Representative, @RepMTG, remains active.

In the tweet that triggered the suspension, the congresswoman included a graphic with information from a database not verified by the government called the Vaccine Adverse Event Notification System (VAERS). The figures are drawn from self-reported cases of patients and healthcare providers. Green opposes vaccines and the use of masks. The lockdown occurs when the United States experiences its highest peak in infections driven by the omicron variant and when there is no scientific evidence of significant and widespread side effects of coronavirus vaccines.

On the Telegram platform, Greene criticized the Twitter measure, which he described as “an enemy of the United States” that “cannot handle the truth.” The Republican won a congressional seat last August after a campaign based on unrestricted support for former President Donald Trump, promoting the false narrative that there was electoral fraud in the 2020 elections and validating some of the conspiracy theories of the QAnon movement. The House of Representatives approved in February removing Greene from his seats on parliamentary committees for embracing conspiracy theories and expressing support for violence against his political rivals.

Last March Twitter launched a system called strikes (strike), which uses artificial intelligence to identify posts about coronavirus and vaccines whose content can be misleading and cause harm to users. The first three strikes They cause a lockout of the account for 12 hours, and four, for a week. From the fifth, the user risks that his account will be permanently suspended in the social network. “We have made it clear that, according to our system of strikes, we will permanently suspend the accounts for repeated violations of the policy ”, explained this Sunday in a statement Katie Rosborough, a spokeswoman for Twitter.

Users of sanctioned accounts can file an appeal and potentially reverse the company’s decision if it shows that the post in question is factual. One of the accounts with the highest profile that Twitter has suspended is that of Trump due to the risk of “further incitement to violence” after supporters of the former president stormed the Capitol on January 6.

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