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“You have the wrong number”, this was the answer of @soyzasca after receiving a peculiar message from a stranger who claimed to be his sister. The young man from Madrid tried to explain to his interlocutor on several occasions that it was a confusion, even sending him a selfie to prove his true identity.

“You would like that”, said the lady when David (that’s the name of the young man) let her know that he was 23 years old and that, therefore, they had not known each other “for 60 years”, as she affirmed.

In view of the fact that the conversation did not reach any conclusive point, since the woman believed she was being the object of a joke, the boy chose to block her and settle the confusion.

Twitter works its magic five years later

This episode took place in 2016, but it was last Thursday, December 2, when the young man made the screenshots of the curious conversation public on his Twitter account without imagining what would happen. “MI just remembered the lady who wrote to me thinking it was her brother to show me her apples. Hopefully it is well, “read the publication.

To his surprise, what began as an anecdote soon went viral on the social network, surpassing 20 thousand ‘likes’ and two thousand retweets. Such was the spread of the message that it ended up reaching one of the woman’s relatives.

โ€œThey have sent me this tweet and when I opened it my face was a poem. The lady who wrote to you (she never went to school) is my godmother and those in the photo are my parents. They are all good. Oh and this year we have also collected apples from the orchard … We will make cider โ€, wrote another user in response to the initial post.

“SPOILER …… yes @soyzasca He gives me his address through MD. He will have his bottles of cider (about April-May, which is now fermenting) so that, every time he takes a “culรญn”, he remembers my godmother, “added the girl who claimed to be the family of the protagonist of this story.

For his part, he responded by assuring that only he would accept the offering if, in exchange, the family also gave him his address to send them “rich things” from Madrid.

Thus, what began as one of many and so frequent mistakes, since nor is it strange to receive calls or messages by mistake, it ended up converting thanks to the reach of social networks in a viral story that will be remembered.

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