Twelve suspense novels to enjoy in summer

Summer is one of the most grateful periods for fans of crime novels, they come together in bookstores the episodes of settled classic sagas that have been published in recent months to which are added the surprises of the season: those books that thanks to word of mouth have risen among the favorites. With a summer novelty: the true crime that connects with documentaries and television series also triumphs in the police. Below is a selection of outstanding suspense books to kick off the month of July.

Clinical caseGraeme Macrame Burnet

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The recognized author of the false true crime bloody plan returns with a new metaliterary game embedded in the dark methods of “radical psychiatry” in London in the 70s. “I had been interested in this type of questions for a long time about therapy and antitherapy. Knowing who is pretending, who is telling the truth and who is lying, and I began to do a lot of research on that with real cases”, says the Scottish writer on RNE.

Lost notebooks and a woman treated by a psychotherapist with unorthodox methods trigger this multi-layered drama with classic aromawhich points to the blurred limits of madness and identity.

the last shipDomingo Villar

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Exponent of the quality that literature can achieve not to go, it is essential to remember this top novel by master Domingo Villar, passed away last May. Father of the genuine inspector Leo Caldas (water eyes, The beach of the drowned), this book full of lyricism is a living translation of Galician traditions framed in a mystery as absorbing as well fitted about the disappearance of a woman in Vigo. Its more than 700 pages deserve a summer approach.

“It is a tribute to those who teach, to those who do things slowly and those who love the sea”, said the author about this jewel. For the writer, who defined himself as meticulous and “hugely insecure”, each work was a “love story” for his land. paper in its two languages, Galician and Spanish, “like the painter who has two palettes”.

the path of fireMaria Oruna

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The writer and labor lawyer, María Oruña, She’s a regular on the bestseller lists. but his last work, the path of fire, has crowned her as a lady of suspense. It is the fifth installment in the series. The Books of the Hidden Port, starring Civil Guard Lieutenant Valentina Redondo. A crime in Scotland where the agents are on vacation, the legacy of Lord Byron and leaps in time make up the wickerwork.

“I wanted to practice a different detective type in each novel of the series and here I wanted a very particular domestic noir because she has to act as a police officer but without resorting to her usual weapons. It’s a way of introducing the characters more naturally.”explains Oruña, who resorts to epistolary narrative in this title.

the city of the livingNicola Lagioa

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The booksellers consulted by rate this novel unanimously as “very hard but highly recommended”. It addresses the ruthless portrait of Rome as a city devastated in the social through the real chronicle of a cruel murder that shocked Italy.

In March 2016, in an apartment on the outskirts of Rome, two young men from a good family spent several days partying, getting high on cocaine, pills and alcohol. They decided to invite someone and after calling several friends who couldn’t or didn’t answer, they found Luca Varani, a boy they barely knew from humble origins. They offered him drugs and money in exchange for sex. After torturing him, he was brutally murdered.

FarRosa Ribas

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Rosa Ribas is one of the most solid black novel authors in our country. The narrative quality of her texts added to the agility of her stories with touches of humor, often focused on the chiaroscuro of families, have made her a silent but undeniable reference.

In an urbanization in the middle of nowhere, one of the many that were built in Spain years ago, lives a small community of neighbors who try to lead a normal life, despite living far from everything. Among them, the protagonist of the novel, a recently separated woman, devoted to work and to warding off discouragement from her life. A secret, a disturbing atmosphere and even a love story by surprise, Ribas gives away in his latest book that flips the policeman’s guides naturally.

The other Sherlock Holmes

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Among the avalanche of publications that these months focus on the most famous detective in the world is this small anthology –selected and presented by Pablo Muñoz– of eighteen stories in which “the Napoleon of detectives, the Aristotle of analytical thought” unfolds his methods and his peculiar idiosyncrasies not only in his usual settings but also in the California of the gold rush, in Munich, in Copenhagen, in Warsaw or in the Siberian taiga.

The stories are signed by high-ranking names such as JM Barrie, the father of Peter Pan, Bret Harte, Mark Twain (in a wild satire) or Maurice Leblanc. A clear exponent of the subgenre of recreations and tributes to a figure to which time does not scratch a notch of magnetism. “The fame of Sherlock Holmes will be as immortal as that of Pickwick, Don Quixote, Hamlet, Don Juan or any other classic character”, as JM Barrie stated in 1911.

The Alcyon’s CookAndrea Camilleri

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It is the penultimate novel starring the famous commissioner Montalbano before the final point with Riccardino, which will be published posthumously in Spanish. The commissioner is one of the classics of the Mediterranean crime novel in a cult saga. Bright books with endearing characters, gastronomy in the background, deeply ironic without bordering on critical thinking: from the power of the ever-ubiquitous mafia to the tragedy of immigrantsdrug trafficking or the stagnant Sicilian bureaucracy marked by nepotism.

This time a plot of spies that connects with shady deals will keep Montalbano and his men in suspense (TVE’s La2 premieres for the first time the complete series based on his novels). A summer classic.

The Alaskan Sanders caseJoel Dicker

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Fifteen million readers fell at his feet 10 years ago, at those of Joël Dicker who now closes the trilogy with a new murder. Another young woman with a future cut short by a crime. Easy reading, intrigue and radical plot twists are repeated in the Dicker formula. The phenomenon was unleashed precisely with The truth about the Harry Quebert case (2012), which earned him a shower of awards and planetary success.

“I write giving work to the reader, it’s time for you to create your own image of the characters. And the challenge is to convince him that this character is likeable without words but through his actions”, he pointed out in an interview for about his successful working method.

Spanish BeautyEsther Garcia Llovet

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A police novel set in Benidorm It is already enough incentive to tackle the playful and unclassifiable prose of García Llovet. With this title, the author starts a new joyous trilogy whose protagonist is a corrupt agent who sets herself the mission of recovering a lighter in the hands of the Russians.

It is the excuse to portray in thick strokes -and hilarious- a unique place in anecdotes, languages, tremendous skyscrapers and cheap tourism. “Benidorm is dystopian and seedy at the same time. I like the protohistory of the city and in the novel there is a lot of movement in time. It’s all very vaudeville, ”says the author.

Mrs. MarchVirginia Feito

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Mrs. March is a wealthy housewife from the Upper East Side of New York, obsessed to a paroxysm with appearances and married to an indolent flashy writer. Her world cracks open when she believes the character in her husband’s latest bestseller, “a disgusting-looking prostitute”, is inspired by her.

From here, a spiral of madness in a exemplary trickle of tension in which Feito appears in his debut film a memorable villain/victim with no chance of redemption. Mrs. March (whose first name we don’t know until the last page) is envious, cruel and hateful in a “murky fairy tale” that pursues the gray scale of morality and with which Virginia Feito has given the bell One of the essentials so far this year.

deep in the southJohn Connolly

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Good news for the followers of detective Charlie Parker who goes into Arkansas to investigate the unpunished murder of three young black women, in a personal connection with the murder case of his wife and daughter. A very fast thriller very Connolly that does not leave aside the fight between good and evil in the opaque springs of power.

“Parker is like a prism for me, I can reflect my experiences although fortunately I am not so tormented. My views on social justice are Parker’s too. and this element is very important in my novels”, he detailed in a decent Spanish at the closing of the Valencia Negra Festival.

Bad Streets: Crime Stories Told by Cops

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Police commissioners, inspectors, local agents, an investigating judge and even a director of prisons have come together to write bad streets, stories of crimes told by those who try to avoid them.

In total, fourteen stories by thirteen authors, many of them experienced in the world of detective fiction, with works and awards that prove their literary experience. Two police writers, Ricardo Magaz and Alejandro M. Gallo, veterans with many titles behind them, coordinate this criminal anthology where reality is mixed with fiction to review the world of crime.

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