Tudanca will agree “with everyone, except Vox”

The PSOE candidate for the Presidency of the Board, Luis Tudanca, has assured this Friday that he is not “scared of dialoguing with all those who want to change the policies” in Castilla y León, but has warned that what he is not going to do “never” is “agree with Vox”, that it is his only “red line” in the face of post-election agreements after 13 F, something that he has underlined, the PP cannot say, since he is convinced that he will.

“I do not want to normalize the extreme right, and that it can enter a government and it can be negotiated. I do not want Castilla y León to go down in history for being the first community with a government in which Vox participates and we know that (the candidate of the PP and president of the Board) Alfonso Fernández Mañueco is willing to do anything to stay in power”he pointed out in an interview in The Hour of 1.

In this sense, he has warned that the PP will agree with Vox, because, he recalled, he has already done so on other occasions. Thus he has given as an example what happened in Palencia, in Burgos or in El Espinar. “He has already shown (Mañueco) that if you have to trade with them, you will“, has sentenced.

He assures that the PSOE is the “only one” that can guarantee the change

On the other hand, Tudanca has recalled that the PSOE won the elections in 2019, -although it could not govern because Cs preferred to agree with the PP-, and has shown convinced that they can win again. “We are practically in the same scenario (…) and it can happen again,” she said. In addition, he has stressed that “the only thing that guarantees change is the vote for the PSOE.”

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However, most surveys give the PP as the winner of the next electoral appointment in Castilla y León, although it will need a partner to add the absolute majority necessary to govern (41 attorneys). Only the CIS survey points to the PSOE as the winner of the elections.

In any case, Tudanca has asked for “the majority trust in the Castilian-Leonese” to be able to govern on this occasion, but he does not rule out agreeing with all “those who want to change policies.”

Asked if he would agree with citizenswho is also Secretary General of the Socialists in Castilla y León, has pointed out that the formation of Inés Arrimadas “He already promised change two and a half years ago and they made Mañueco president”. He also recalled that this party preferred to keep the PP in government when the motion of censure presented by the PSOE.

Even so, he has asked to wait to see if they achieve representation, and if they really want to “contribute to change.”

He says that the electoral call responds to the interests of Genoa

On the other hand, Tudanca has once again reiterated its criticism of Mañueco for call the polls at a “terrible timein the midst of the sixth wave and when the European funds are arriving”.

In his opinion, it is “an inopportune and irresponsible summons” that it only responds to the “interests of Genoa” and that it also has to do with “covering up cases of corruption” that affect the PP candidate himself, such as the one in the primaries. “Mañueco has no authority to oppose Genoa’s orders,” he pointed out.

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He has also been critical of the PP’s campaign strategy, because, he has stated, its leaders have gone to Castilla y León to talk “about Madrid” and its internal “fights”, and have not been concerned about the region. “We, on the other hand, have been talking about Castilla y León from day one,” he assured.


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